waking up to sunshine.
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do you have a hard time getting out of bed on monday mornings? they can be a bit of a struggle for me. but with Lucy and the sunlight creeping in like clockwork, i’m up and at ’em pretty early most days. if you’re an aspiring early-riser who doesn’t have an impatient pup licking your face awake, you might consider making some changes in your boudoir to allow for more natural light. think sheer curtains, and fresh air always helps me sleep better too — so if you can, leave those windows open.

pretty bedroom windows that let in lots of beautiful light are like nature’s alarm clock. just take a look at these bright bedrooms. with all that gorgeous light flooding in, it would be hard not to rise and shine!




elle decor.


clockwise, from l to r: ruda penny.; the paris apartment.; piazzan.; fiona lynch.srta-pepis.; the design chaser.mademoiselle fiona.


my domaine.


morten holtum for bo bedre.




French By Design via ArkPad.


French By Design via Loof.


inside out magazine.


French By Design via Elle Decoration UK.


My Scandinavian Home via Holly Marder.

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  1. Totally agree about sunshine making it easier to get out of bed. And fresh air. And white. Our bedroom is all white, except for an antique Art Nouveau armoire, and it feels so calm. Distraction-free zone.

  2. I love the natural light pouring in so only have white cotton curtains at my open window. I would actually prefer to have nothing at all at the bedroom window but my husband disagrees. An empty bedroom, save for bed, lights and books, would be my room of choice. These are beautiful images.

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