inspiring studio spaces.
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artist isabelle tuchband’s atrium art studio via the selby.

even though i really like working from home, i love having the luxury of the studio space i share in downtown L.A. — it’s just such a creative escape from the norm, and can often inspire me just seeing what the other creatives there are up to. these spaces are something special, and i hope they inspire you a little. if you’d like more studio space inspiration, check out sites like freunde von freuden, in the make, and the studio work. you might also view our past studio tours, and check out my pinboards working girl and studio spaces. enjoy the tour!


designer Lotta Nieminen’s downtown brooklyn studio via designsponge.


Jemima Kirke’s Studio via Semaine.


artist Kai Samuels-Davis‘ workspace via windy lane studio.


GamFratesi Studio via yellowtrace.


fashion designer Lee Matthews’ home studio photographed by Sean Fennessy via the design files.


ariele alasko‘s rustic and whimsical workshop via designsponge.


artist sabine steinmair in her studio via Living Corriere.


artist julian meagher‘s sydney studio via the design files.


Bruce Rowe’s Anchor Ceramics studio via makette.


sydney home studio of artist ken done via freunde von freuden.


swedish summer cabin of production designer, artist and interior decorator Carouschka Streijiffert via photographer martin lot.


Casey Neistat’s handmade new york studio via wired.


Guts & Glory design studio live/work space via designsponge.


Elizabeth Suzann‘s fashion design studio via facebook.

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  1. Fabulous collection of studio spaces. Each one so different and yet they all share a sense of curiosity and wonder. Makes me think it is time to graduate from my kitchen floor as studio, into a a real work space. Inspiring!

  2. Nice! you are sharing such helpful and easy to understandable blog in decoration. i have no words for say i just say thanks because it is helpful for me.

  3. It looks like you are rather spontainose and creative girl Sister, your home has a Beutiful mess :-)
    You got a Beutiful Artist home Sister :-)
    God Bless you

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