erica tanov’s tumblr.
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bedroom decor inside Stylist Jadwiga Pokryszka's home via vintagency. / sfgirlbybay

Stylist Jadwiga Pokryszka’s home via vintagency.

every once in a while i stumble onto tumblr pages belonging to artists, designers, and photographers and always find it so interesting to see what inspires them. this was orla kiely’s tumblr i posted a while back, and i thought it might make a fun regular post to peek inside the inspiring minds of talented artists via their tumblr. so this week we’re visiting the tumblr page of bay area fashion designer erica tanov, known for her very chic, serene and bohemian vibe, and the extremely beautiful clothes she makes with that same ideal in mind.

erica tanov's closet doors at home via tumblr. / sfgirlbybay

erica’s closet doors.

inspiring images from eric tanov's tumblr. / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: Taken on the set of the Todd Hido shoot for the Erica Tanov; @my_chameleon; ‘Moscow Subway’ by Kiril Kotov; erica tanov; ellery fall 2012; erica tanov.

bedroom with floral paper lantern light and white painted floors. / sfgirlbybay

erica tanov.

pink silk clothing hanging via erica tanov's tumblr. / sfgirlbybay

erica tanov.

inspiring images pulled from eric tanov's tumblr page. / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: erica tanov; Lovely Sora Kim wearing The Triangle Bra, via the nude label; Anni Leppälä; black & white tile, erica tanov; erica’s home in the new bohemians photographed by dabito; katoka type.

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