a new way to work: mod.
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a new way to work: mod. / sfgirlbybay

hey, happy friday! leslie from spotted sf here and though the work week is ending for most, i wanted to fill you in on some exciting things happening here in san francisco. perhaps something to think about when you’re clocking back in on monday. it’s a brand new way to work on-the-go and it’s called mod. with a location already in phoenix (and future plans for more cities), the new headquarter space featured here just opened in sf’s mission district. and i’m extending an invite to all to come by and visit.

mod creative work space in the mission district. / sfgirlbybay

what is mod? it’s an elevated co-working experience that is more than a beautiful space, but also provides concierge services, meals that keep you sustained and energized, and other wellness amenities that help you stay productive throughout the day. like plenty of fresh plants, 10-min meditation sessions, yoga and even a standing shared desk in the middle. it is all about hospitality and convenience here and that happens the moment you walk through the doors. a concierge will be there to personally greet you and help throughout your visit.

mod elevated co-working space in san francisco. / sfgirlbybay

modern office decor inside mod. / sfgirlbybay

creative co-working space in the mission district, mod. / sfgirlbybay

mod creative co-working space with amenities. / sfgirlbybay

co-working space in san francisco called mod / sfgirlbybay

co-working space at mod is available by the hour or day and as a monthly membership. meeting spaces can be booked by the hour, and rooms or the entire venue can be reserved for group off sites, workshops and events as well. makers fairs and weddings even!

co-working space for rent by the hour at mod. / sfgirlbybay

indoor planters at creative co-working space mod. / sfgirlbybay

mod, co-working space in san francisco's mission district. / sfgirlbybay

a new way to work in san francisco, mod. / sfgirlbybay

one of my many favorite things about working at mod: the app. once you become a member, you will provide a credit card to be registered into the system and can download the mobile app. when you are within range of mod, you will use it to “check-in” and “open the front door”. the concierge will be on-hand throughout your stay and you can order food or request services either in-person or through your device. forgot your charger, need a package shipped, perhaps a shot of espresso??? they’ve got you covered. at the end of your visit you will “check-out” through your device and you will find a receipt of your expenses for the day.

mod co-working space with concierge services. / sfgirlbybay

long tables for co-working at mod in san francisco. / sfgirlbybay

snacks at mod co-working space in san francisco / sfgirlbybay

and let’s talk about the food. no need to run out to grab a bite. again convenience and things that will enable you to stay focused, energized and satisfied are key here. the menu at mod changes weekly and is carefully crafted by a chef with these factors + a healthy lifestyle in mind.

a new way to work at mod. / sfgirlbybay

mod is part of a larger project called the archery, which will include studios for artists and makers, a prototyping shop with power tools and machines, a commercial kitchen, photography space, and the new front cafe and roastery.

to learn more about mod and the archery and to book a tour, click here. if you are in san francisco, leave a comment below and i’ll personally show you around. i can’t wait for you to visit!

~ leslie

• all photography by leslie santarina.

17 responses to “a new way to work: mod.”

  1. Wow, that space is gorgeous and it’s basically in my backyard. I’m definitely interested in learning more about the photography space! Heading to the website now. :)

  2. Hey! I live on Florida St. and am very interested! My main office is in Oakland, but I have been looking for places in the neighborhood for days I work from home.
    So excited!

  3. Beautiful! Just wondering if anyone can share the source for the grey upholstered chairs with white frames? (the ones at the white table, not the big ones with the yellow cushions – thanks!)

  4. Wow- I recently saw a similar “shared office” concept in a Brooklyn space. What a fabulous idea! I think a lot of people enjoy working from home, but would love an opportunity to work in office like setting with fellow creatives. It’s a great that more options like this are popping up to help offer work life balance.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. I used to work in a corporate office and now that I’m freelance, I’m loving the energy, people, creative vibe and feeling of wellness in this space.

  5. Wow, this sounds (and looks) like a dream space to work! Do you know if the Archery offers private studio spaces as well? Will have to go check it out, it’s right in my neighborhood!

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