dining fresh from the garden.
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my outdoor dining space at home with Traget accessories. / sfgirlbybay

one of my favorite things about owning a home is having my own garden and outside dining space. i’ve come to realize spending time outside, gardening and entertaining is one my greatest joys — i could spend all day out there puttering around and planting new flowers and now vegetables, too! i shared my container garden earlier this year, and now i’m planting a whole lot of fresh herbs. there’s nothing quite like inviting your friends and family over and making them a meal from stuff you’ve grown yourself — my pride is obnoxiously overflowing! i now pick fresh herbs on a daily basis, and am growing zucchini, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, kale and onions. Target invited me to share some of my summer entertaining ideas, and outdoor dining with what’s practically a fresh salad bar picked from the garden paired with BBQing is high on my list. gotta love eating al fresco with friends on warm summer nights!

target drink tray with potted herbs growing / sfgirlbybay

potted herb garden using hanging planters from target. / sfgirlbybay

to set the mood for entertaining i’ve hung these great globe lights around the patio and it’s created the prettiest dining ambience for nighttime parties (i put them on a dimmer switch for setting the mood just right!). for my overflowing herb garden i chose these really cute galvanized planters and trays from Target — and how cute are these herb stakes? and there’s also a matching watering can — and both match my container garden perfectly. i love this big wood tray for displaying fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden, or using it as a serving piece. growing your own herbs for summer entertaining is the coolest — add sprigs of mint and slices of cucumber to your water to make it taste great, and it looks so much prettier too. it’s so nice to serve your friends your own spa-like water and feels like you’ve taken that extra special step to make them feel pampered. so to get your summer prep started right i highly recommend planting your own herbs and veggies — it’s easy and so, so satisfying!

growing vegetables in a garden at home / sfgirlbybay

glass carafe and glasses from target filled with spa water / sfgirlbybay

home and garden accessories from target on my patio / sfgirlbybay

patio accessories and decor from target for gardening at home. / sfgirlbybay

sage planted in rope planter from target with tiny stake and label. / sfgirlbybay

hanging globe lights against black home exterior on my patio / sfgirlbybay

black globe lights from target on pergola with lime vines / sfgirlbybay

how to grow herbs outdoors on your patio / sfgirlbybay

growing herbs in pots from target outdoors / sfgirlbybay

cilantro planted in rope planter from target with stake and label on outdoor patio / sfgirlbybay

thyme planted in rope planter with stake and label from target in outdoor garden / sfgirlbybay

• photography by lily glass for sfgirlbybay.

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18 responses to “dining fresh from the garden.”

  1. Your outdoor space turned out so beautifully. I have a small herb garden on my balcony and find it so satisfying to go out and snip off my own herbs as I’m cooking. I’m looking forward to the day I have room to grow more like you are able to!

  2. Lovely! Your outdoor patio space looks so comfortable. Our garden is blooming too – we just started getting the first batches of red tomatoes from one of our tomato plants!

  3. This looks great. I’ll pop round this evening, shall I, with pudding? Rhubarb fool all right? What a lovely place to spend your time. Enjoy the fruits (and veg) of your labours.

  4. Your blog is my daily inspiration! May I ask what color exterior paint is on the background siding in all of these photos? We are looking to paint our home in a dark grey and this might be the one…. Thank you.

  5. Love those lights–they promise a lovely evening. So much so, that I had to make a quick shopping trip to buy a few strings for my patio too.

  6. We have been the lucky beneficiary of your hospitality! We loved your outdoor space (and accompanying cocktails!)

  7. Hi Victoria
    I love your post and your great attitude to life. Your outdoor room is inspiring. I live in Sydney Australia and our climate allows us to enjoy al fresco dining year round. Thanks for sharing!

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