hot pink high drama.
by victoria comment


hot pink walls in kitchen with wall art and accessories hung / sfgirlbybay

fashions designers at home.

beyond the culture and the history, one of the things i am most interested in seeing when i travel to cuba is the color. that well-worn, faded patina finish that can only come with years of weathering. there’s a certain vibe architecture and interiors take on when they’ve been left untouched for a long time and i find it so beautiful. parts of tulum had that, and bri’s photos of hong kong had it, too. i have this vision in my head that cuba will be filled with that special color — like this faded but bold hot pink, and i can’t wait to photograph it. these images give me that feeling and although i’m not so sure i could exist day to day in some of these spaces, i can definitely admire their unique beauty and eccentricity.

well-worn pale pink wall with candle sconce / sfgirlbybay

northern delight.

hot pink painted brick wall in eclectic living room. / sfgirlbybay

design sponge.

magenta kitchen walls above concrete countertops and shelves / sfgirlbybay

Architectural Digest Russia.

pink pattered wall paper / sfgirlbybay

keltainen talo rannalla.

inspiring pink interiors and decor / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: little glowing lights.; desde my ventana.; laostudio; apartment therapy.; hand painted chinoiserie wallpaper via Dessin Fournir.; photography by bjarne bare via Minoo.

pink bedroom decor and inspiration / sfgirlbybay

Architectural Digest germany.

painted pink doors and trim and vintage radiator / sfgirlbybay

photograph by quentin de briey.

weathered wall with painted pink and gold pattern / sfgirlbybay

moth tales.

deep pink wall with old map in dining room / sfgirlbybay

wabi sabi.

inspiring interiors with pops of pink decor and paint / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: apartment therapy.; terre d’lang deco.; sors.; an aesthetic pursuit.; photograph by kristen perers via décor de provence.; haute boheme.trouvais.

shades of hot pink on building exterior and in-set wood windows / sfgirlbybay

the love assembly.

shades of pink bedroom decor and furnishings / sfgirlbybay

photography by david cleveland.

deep pink wall in indoor outdoor space / sfgirlbybay

decor demon.

8 responses to “hot pink high drama.”

  1. Your blog is always an inspiration. A delight to see what I find next! Thank you for all your hard work. Also – just lately, I love the more ethnic/vintage/boho vibe.
    No sameness with you!

    • thanks so much, rae! i guessi like to change things up and try and provide a look at all the different decor styles i like, and hopefully a little bit of everyone’s taste without veering too far from my own. i do like to change things up! cheers!

  2. I’m loving pink more and more each day! These are really lovely and inspirational photos, Victoria. When are you going to Cuba? Looking forward to the photos you take and the stories you have to tell.

  3. I love that you are going to Cuba and especially that you are trying to get off the beaten path but as you tour and photograph please keep in mind that a lot of the things that look ‘frozen in time’ and picturesque to us present a real hardship to Cubans who don’t have a lot of choices about where and how they live. Faded paint is very cool looking – I’m a fan – but for Cubans it’s a constant reminder that they have little to no access to new paint or other modern materials. I’m not Cuban but it’s a country I love and I have visited many times – the Cubans I know are very proud of their country and what they have done with so little but understandably can be resentful of tourists who view their lives as quaint – when we don’t have to live with the realities of that quaintness. I’m love your blog and your photography – and am sure you will be ethical in the way you travel there but just wanted to say this as it’s been on my mind since I first read your posts about traveling to Cuba. By the way – if you can, head east to cities like Camaguey and especially Baracoa (my favorite) for some special, off the main tourist track experiences.

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