living artfully.
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living artfully doesn’t just mean hanging stuff on your walls, it’s much more than that. it’s self-expression and curating objects that really mean something significant to you — collecting trinkets that somehow remind you of a special holiday or an unforgettable adventure, or a treasured heirloom from family. it’s the things that truly make a house a home. curating memorabilia, books, records, works of children’s art — even works of your own art displayed around your home is what gives guests a glimpse into the person you are and what matters most to you. it’s pulling together deliberate pieces that represent what you love best into a beloved composition or vignette. it’s really one of my favorite things about decorating.  it’s sharing the best parts of you right there in plain sight, for all to view, love, and appreciate — just like you do.


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13 responses to “living artfully.”

  1. wow. today’s posts have been amazing. first the gorgeous surfing book done in tintype and then living artfully. i am so inspired. this is truly the way to live in your home. this makes me so happy to see, probably because it resonates so much with how i try to live. so glad to have this blog, my absolute favorite!

  2. Loved this post too! I enjoy displaying collections and the conversations that they spark. Anything old always brings about talk of fun memories. We have a cabinet full of super8 cameras that folks spot right away. They might find one that they grew up with and will pick it up and start playing and talking about back in the day. That’s my favorite type of conversation.

  3. Wonderful post, V. These kinds of displays are what makes a house a home. A few years ago, my nephew and his wife and a friend couple of theirs stayed in my home while I was out of town. The biggest compliment I received was that the friend couple (whom I had never met) felt they knew me from staying in my home. I really love that b/c to me there’s nothing more soul-depleting than a house that comes off like a showroom from the nearest furniture store. I love how you present all kinds of ways to bring life and personality to one’s home. It doesn’t have to cost a lot…it just has to reflect YOU and the life you live in your home.

  4. Dear Victoria,
    This post touched my heart in a way I cannot describe. I read it once, shared like I share things that touch my heart and I cannot stop re-reading. I feel the urge to print your words and frame them to place in my home.
    Seventeen months ago I lost all my belongings on a fire. I am grateful no one got hurt, but I lost everything. Only our car and the clothes we were wearing were left. I lost all my pictures, my grandmother’s hand embroidery linens, jewelry, my (late) father’s cameras and books, my kid’s pictures, yearbooks, school awards and so on. We were blessed with great friends and family who helped us and supported us financially and emotionally, so at first I only feel that I could not complain about loosing only “stuff”. But after the first days were gone and our life started getting back on track, I felt that I also lost something no one could notice: I lost my identity. Reference. I had lost not only “stuff”, but “stuff” that defined me, explained me, that gave me exactly what you, with your so precise words, wrote today. That touched me so, so deep, like someone FINALLY was able to understand what the fire meant to me – and why it was painful. my decision after the fire was to “live artfully”, only with things that I really love, and piece by piece, I feel that I am also redefining who I am (for the better) and I am really happy with this new person. Thank you for your poetic and emotional words. They were powerful❤️

    • Hi Carla, I am so very sorry to hear about your loss. I cannot even imagine what that must feel like. Something similar happened to a good friend of mine and we rallied behind them with a kickstarter to get them back on their feet. I’m so glad you had friends and family that were there for you, too. I’m sure you’ll build some beautiful and meaningful collections going forward. All the best!! xx

      • Thank you! And yes, slowly and with your blog as part of my daily inspiration!
        Cheers for living artfully! <3

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