friday finds.
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red faux fur blanket on a mid-century modern sofa photographed by kate sears. / sfgirlbybay

i must confess, this week’s edition of friday finds was inspired totally by this image above by photographer kate sears. isn’t it stunning? i’m not even much of a fan of rose red, when it comes to decor at least, but this photo changed my views. so this week, i’m the lady in a rosy red state of mind. have a colorful weekend, everyone. xo, victoria

  1. kates sear’s beautiful image of a fuzzy red throw.
  2. these gemstones are just so pretty. i’d like to display them on a coffee table tray.
  3. this is the lovliest pillow — anke drechsel’s rose beauty pillow from abc carpet & home.
  4. these moroccan tassels simply make the towels — hamam rose meyzer tassel towels, also from abc carpet & home.
  5. rosey red moroccan Tassels with pink feathers to tie back your draperies. just gorgeous.
  6. another very romantic looking rose red throw.
  7. rent these moroccan floor pillows for your next fete, from patina rentals.
  8. lots of throw pillows and layered blankets gives off a laid back moroccan vibe, too.
  9. and lastly, i just love the patina of this old place. such a pretty color palette.

moroccan style home decor with rose red and shades of pink / sfgirlbybay

moroccan style throw pillows in shades of red and pink on a sofa covered with a red blanket with black and white geometric patterns / sfgirlbybay

a rose red vintage armless chair next to a yellow bench in an old building's entry way with green and red walls and an ornate gold staircase railing / sfgirlbybay

8 responses to “friday finds.”

  1. I love your style!!!! I really love the crystals, but I cannot get behind the way they are typically displayed (just sitting on a coffee table) I really want to find a cool container to put them in that shows them off, but is still organized. Basically I want to be an organized bohemian. Is this possible?

  2. Friday’s Mix = my kind of recipe. I loved mixing the red cochineal into mum’s baking when I was a kid … still get a kick out of a dash of reds. Thank you!

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