what’s cookin’? simple summer salad.
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fresh asparagus, eggs, parmesan cheese and lemon on a white kitchen cutting board / sfgirlbybay

it’s definitely salad season around my house. if you’ve followed me on snapchat lately i’ve made both a yummy cucumber dill salad and a watermelon, feta & basil salad this week. and now i’m making one of my favorite summer meals — poached eggs over asparagus. it’s so simple and a nice light brunch, lunch or dinner. the folks at martha stewart asked if i might like to try out their beautiful Tri-Ply Copper Cookware set in exchange for a fun little recipe and they had me at ‘copper’! i love to cook and really like sharing easy recipes here for you, so i was thrilled to take them up on it.

how to make an easy summer salad using eggs and asparagus and shaved parmesan / sfgirlbybay

martha stewart copper pots and pans hung on white kitchen pegboard / sfgirlbybay

first off, though — these copper pots and pans are so pretty, we thought we’d go a little ‘julia child’ on you and display them against some pretty white pegboard — so easy to do (i got both the white hooks and the pegboard on amazon). i think this look would be smashing and a really efficient use of space in a small kitchen. but, i digress, on to the recipe — ready? this is a snap.

cooking an asparagus and poached egg salad using copper sauce pots / sfgirlbybay

i boiled water in both the large and small copper saucepans. for the poached eggs the trick to getting them to stay in a nice round shape is to add a dash of white vinegar to the water — it holds the eggs together ‘scientifically’ somehow — trust me. for the eggs, like to cook mine about 5 minutes max so the yolk is a little bit runny. for the asparagus, add them when the water is boiling for about 3-5 minutes max (until tender, but not wilting).

how to cook an asparagus and poached egg salad at home / sfgirlbybay

remove the asparagus to a platter; add the poached eggs on top. then i shave a little lemon zest over them; shave some pecorino romano cheese on top and add sea salt and ground pepper. i use maldon’s salt because it’s the best! and there you have it — a really easy and light summer meal. you could add toast or maybe some canadian bacon if you’re really hungry, but this is just right for a light breakfast or lunch. bon appetít!

recipe and instructions for cooking an asparagus with poached eggs salad / sfgirlbybay

martha stewart try-ply copper pots hanging on white pegboard / sfgirlbybay

modern kitchen with ingredients for poached eggs and asparagus salad / sfgirlbybay

fresh ground pepper over poached eggs with asparagus and shaved parmesan / sfgirlbybay

shaved parmesan on top of asparagus with poached eggs / sfgirlbybay

plated poached eggs with asparagus salad and parmesan / sfgirlbybay

Fork and knife cutting into the yolk of a poached egg over asparagus / sfgirlbybay

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