but who are these people?
by victoria comment


white arched hallway leading to a dining room with green vintage chairs and a gold-framed portrait painting / sfgirlbybay

architectural digest españa.

i’m still really a fan of the fun idea of portrait paintings popping up in unexpected places. i saw emily tweet about it last week and i really trust her taste, so there’s that. and then i realized that i had pinned a ton more images lately with this vintage vibe to share with you. i used to have a whole collection on my walls and then i needed a change, but i do like the notion of a surprise portrait here and there. they’re always conversation starters for one thing, and i just like the sense of humor they evoke. my dad always used to ask me “but who are these people?” and that just cracked me up — so I made up stories and family histories for all my portraits. just another way to add personality (literally) to your collections.

ornate oval mirror hung above two white framed cat paintings with a black raised cat feeder below / sfgirlbybay

black lacquer design.

white brick fireplace with vintage portrait painting leaned on the mantle / sfgirlbybay

mother mag.

gray blue bedroom with modern globe light fixture and vintage portrait painting on a shelf above the bed / sfgirlbybay

agence favorite.

kitchen tools and and a vintage portrait on white pegs / sfgirlbybay

lovely life.

vintage portrait paintings hung in unexpected places / sfgirlbybay

clockwise l to r: zigouis; debi treloar; remodelista.

vintage portrait painting on modern white bar cabinet / sfgirlbybay


assorted vintage portraits hung on white walls / sfgirlbybay

clockwise l to r: black lacquer design.; ngot minh ngo; primitive modernism.


egot rom.


remodelista (above + Below).

portrait paintings in unexpected spots / sfgirlbybay


6 responses to “but who are these people?”

  1. Once again a wonderful morning mix here in Australia – good coffee – and fantastic reading on sfgirlbybay.com – Congratulations!

  2. I’m just not a fan of portraits in the home. They seem eerily maccabe to me. I much prefer painted fruit.

  3. I loooove portraits and make up names to go along with them. I have them everywhere in the house, just not the bedroom; for some reason that feels odd ;-) Great post!

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