double tap that.
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woman in jacket passing a motorbike walking along the Amsterdam canals via @curatedagency. / sfgirlbybay

Ride by on the Amsterdam canals. ~ @curatedagency.

this is what we all do while, you know — we’re waiting in line at the DMV, when we can’t fall asleep (so guilty of this one!), waiting on the barista to serve up that latte — whenever and where ever we go we check our instagram feed for brilliance from those we follow. maybe excessively so. they might give us a good laugh or maybe they blow our minds with color and composition, but no matter what, they inspire us to get double-tapping our likes, our loves. here’s what inspired me to double-tap this week, and a few folks you might like to follow if you don’t already. warning: sometimes i like these as much for the clever or sentimental captions and the ideas they inspire, as i do the photos.

instagram photos with a pink theme / sfgirlbybay

composition: from her summer snaps ~ @denisebovee.

woman waking up in white bed with pink blanket via @salvalópez. / sfgirlbybay

Domingo 🏡 ~ @salvalópez.

black and white book cover for "A Little Life" on a bed with mixed patterned sheets / sfgirlbybay

Back to bed with A LITTLE LIFE which I can’t bring myself to finish because it might be the best and saddest book I’ve ever read. 💛RCx #read #it #allbedlinenbyus ~ @rachelcastleandthings.

pastel building exterior with red door via @christine.herrin. / sfgirlbybay

Today’s color inspiration, brought to you by the doorsteps of SF #stillwandering #everydayexplorersco ~ @christine.herrin.

color inspiration series via @agnitilla.workshop on instagram / sfgirlbybay

composition: from their color inspiration series ~ @agnitilla.workshop.

painting by @helenmccullagh posted to instagram / sfgirlbybay

My grandma came to stay a couple of months ago – lost her glasses, yesterday we finally found them so I thought I’d include them in this painting, in case they’re ever lost again. ~ @helenmccullagh.

pink clouds at sunset with pink trees in highland park via @joannarentz. / sfgirlbybay

A Highland Park fairytale ~ @joannarentz.

black and white photo of a man standing in Puohokamoa Gulch in Maui, Hawaii via @natgeo from 1924 / sfgirlbybay

The year 1924: A man stands dwarfed under the Ape-Ape leaves of Puohokamoa Gulch in Maui, Hawaii. ~ @natgeo.



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