nothing quite like a pretty nook.
by victoria comment


beautifully ornate nooks / sfgirlbybay

anders schonnemann photography for cereal magazine.

they just don’t build homes like they used to. i mean, c’mon — look at these incredibly beautiful alcoves — couldn’t we all use something pretty in our homes like these lovely nooks? i dare say, yes please! the bath tub is my very favorite, but i wouldn’t say no to a sweet little bedroom reading nook, either.

beautifully ornate bathing alcove / sfgirlbybay

bruce buck photography for the new york times.

beautiful reading nooks / sfgirlbybay

royal roulotte (above + below).

beautiful reading nooks / sfgirlbybay

2 responses to “nothing quite like a pretty nook.”

  1. I gotta say the styling in the first picture brings down the loveliness of the actual nook. I think we all agree reading books should be cozy.

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