such great heights.
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tall white ceilings with medallion and modern light fixture via my domaine. / sfgirlbybay

my domaine.

i’ve always dreamed of having super tall ceilings. the ones, like some of these, that have that beautiful crown molding around the perimeter of the room, and killer pendant lamps swinging from ornate ceiling medallions. tall doors, too — i just love that look. i have tall ceilings in my living room and bedroom, but mine are exposed white beams — which i love, too. but i must say there is something elegantly chic and sophisticated about these great heights. you can always add crown molding and i’ve found these inexpensive ceilings medallions (just $30!) on amazon of all places — hardware stores carry them, too. i also think a unique pendant lamp can somehow make your ceilings seem taller, when done right — like pennyweight’s bedroom just below.

bedroom with exposed brick wall and tall white ceilings with modern pendant lamp / sfgirlbybay


modern living room with tall white ceilings and pendant light fixture with silver bulbs / sfgirlbybay

brownstone_voyeur via Instagram.

living room with tall white ceilings and ornate chandelier / sfgirlbybay


modern living room with ornate balck mirrors, crown molding and vintage chandelier / sfgirlbybay

anna gillar.

tall white living room with ceiling medallion and modern lantern light fixture / sfgirlbybay


bedroom with tall white ceilings and crown molding with vintage chandelier and white and gold decor / sfgirlbybay

living room with tall white ceilings with medallion and orange modern sofa / sfgirlbybay

my unfinished home.

tall white living room with ornate crown molding, chandelier, sleek matching benches and table / sfgirlbybay

tokyo bleep.

living room with tall white ceilings, white herringbone floors, and black furnishings / sfgirlbybay


modern living room with large ornate ceiling medallion and tiered pendant light fixture / sfgirlbybay

apartment 34.

black and white dining room with tall ceilings and black pendant light fixture / sfgirlbybay

my scandinavian home.

unique light fixture in modern living room with tall white ceilings / sfgirlbybay

my scandinavian home.

scandinavian style living room with tall white ceilings and white decor / sfgirlbybay

discover the place decor.

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  1. I feel like you can pull off so much more with tall ceilings – or great, historical architecture in general. So many of these chic European flats have all the right bones to rock uber-simple rooms with more minimal styling!

  2. What I simply love about – you put in the time and thought into a creative recipe just right for my morning coffee in Australia.

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