cool vibes for warm days.
by victoria comment


indoor outdoor whit room with matching rattan chairs / sfgirlbybay

durham house.

it’s been record high temps for L.A. in june these past two weeks, and wouldn’t you know it but my AC decides to go kaput on me. lucy’s panting on the floor and i’m working practically naked whilst positioned directly in front of the fan. ugh. 108 temperatures last monday sent me in search of cool, calm and collected decor looks to ease my sweaty pain. all these spaces seem to bring down the heat whilst still looking good — cool vibes for warm summer days is what we need — lots of rattan, ikat and Moroccan prints -and neutrals for keeping the room in a calming comfort zone that is much needed right now. let’s chill, shall we?

cool vibes for warm days / sfgirlbybay

urban outfitters.

woven moroccan pendant lamp and throw pillows / sfgirlbybay

planete deco.

white wall decor and white home furnishings with modern white oversized lamp / sfgirlbybay

lark & linen.

minimalist and modern home decor via veda house / sfgirlbybay

veda house.

various home decor for hot weather climates / sfgirlbybay

clockwise from l to r: barsan.; style addict.; girl a la mode.; african moon.; domino.; my domaine.

minimalist modern lounge chair with faux fut and nuetral color palette / sfgirlbybay

the line.

rattan acapulco chairs with pendant lamp fixture and upholstered sofa // sfgirlbybay

rue magazine.

white wire mid-century modern chairs with mismatched tables an yellow woven pendant lamp / sfgirlbybay

maison collective.

houzz home tour with modern and vintage decor / sfgirlbybay


pendant lantern light fixture in sun room with dning table and chairs / sfgirlbybay

dust jacket.

rooms with cool vibes on warm days / sfgirlbybay

clockwise from l to r: airbnb.; est living.; maison collective.; the selby.

modern black and white woven acapulco chair with woven white bowls on wall / sfgirlbybay


split-level room with desk and coffee table area and modern indoor outdoor funishings / sfgirlbybay

the style files via flickr.



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  1. We’re in the south of France, and A/C is very rare. Get outside when you can, though not in the middle of the afternoon–your body will get acclimated and you won’t suffer as much from the heat (I lived in Kenya for a few years, too, so I know about heat!).
    Keep the sun off your windows if possible. Houses here have shutters, and by closing them at an angle, a little light comes in without doing a greenhouse effect on the glass. It’s 25 degrees Celsius inside in the afternoon (77 F), but 35 Celsius/95 F outside. Without A/C. Two-foot-thick stone walls also help insulate.
    My little office doesn’t have shutters, and it sometimes gets stuffy. I have a small fan pointed at my legs, which cools me without making a mess of papers on my desk or drying out my eyes.
    Good luck! And thanks for the nice collection of photos.

  2. The weather here in Britain has been crazy as always! One minute it is sunny and really warm and the next it is bucketing it down and cold!

    Loving all of the white in your photos, we have been painting lots of the walls in our home white recently.

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