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minimalist kitchen with open shelves and ceramic dishware / sfgirlbybay

est living.

i’m finding myself with way too much ‘stuff’ again. when i feel this way, not only does my home feel cluttered, but my mind does, too. i have trouble thinking straight and being creative and i have to stop what i’m doing immediately and straighten up my desk or a drawer. i’ve always been like this — i could never work my 9-5 job when my desk was messy, either. so i’m trying to clear the clutter and make life around my home a little more zen — a little more wabi-sabi. Wabi-Sabi is a way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting peacefully the natural cycle of growth and decay. it represents japanese aesthetics and a Japanese world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete” with color palettes that mimic those found in nature, like pale greens, grays, and earth tones. to find this simple aesthetic in design and products look to companies like quitokeeto, truck furniture and muji and even clothing stores like cos. i also find paumes books to be most inspiring – you can find them at kinokuniya book shops. here’s to clearing out the clutter.

picture window with wide bench / sfgirlbybay


Japanese catalog and white dishware on wood tray / sfgirlbybay


earth toned wabi sabi style homes / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: elle decoration; quitokeeto modern steamer; style files; quitokeeto bento bag; quitokeeto mono filio teapot; and muji.

minimalist bedroom with earth toned bedding and exposed bulb pendant lamp / sfgirlbybay

marie claire maison.

ceramic fermentation pot in minimalist kitchen / sfgirlbybay

quitokeeto fermentation crock.

minimalist rustic kitchen / sfgirlbybay

aesthetically thinking.

white bedding in neutral bedrooms with minimalist decor / sfgirlbybay

truck furniture.

cozy gray sofa with neutral throw pillows and blanket / sfgirlbybay

hackwith design.

modern living room with minimal decor in neutral colors / sfgirlbybay


modern beds with storage / sfgirlbybay

house & garden; and shenghuoatjia.

kitchen linens in minimalist rustic kitchen / sfgirlbybay

marche st. george.

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  1. Lovely inspiration. That concept was my new years resolution. It’s one of the only resolutions I’ve actually been sticking with. Been giving away and selling lots of “stuff” and keeping things way more simple. I live in a loft where things are out in the open so it’s gotta be clutter free to feel calm.

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