inspired by: tulum.
by victoria comment


tulum inspired decor / @sfgirlbybay

hartwood restaurant, by todd selby.

tulum, mexico is one of my all-time favorite places. i could even see having a getaway home there if one could swing such a luxury. alas, it’s had a lot of upheaval as of late — i’m not certain i completely understand exactly what’s come undone, but the government has come in and said about 20 hotels along the beachline have broken a verbal agreement and therefore have been evicted from their properties (including their guests!). pretty devastating news for beautiful hotels like coqui coqui — there’s even a hashtag #savetulum. i’m hoping this is a temporary situation for the hotels and for the community of tulum. it’s remained such a relatively unspoiled beachfront to visit, without skyscraper hotels and chain stores, but i’m not sure of its future. i was forever changed and inspired by my last visit there, and thought i’d share a little bit of what’s so special about tulum’s laid back vibe.

tulum inspiration board / @sfgirlbybay

get the tulum look, clockwise r to l: tec petaja photography; farrow & ball lotus wallpaper; palms via figtny; restoration hardware teen black WOVEN-WIRE PENDANT lamp; beach by kara rosenlund; taco stand by brookelyn photography via entouriste; Open Weave All Weather Wicker Lounger from terrain; coqui coqui perfume, via a hotel life; anthropologie’s Pari Rattan Daybed; Heradia Pillow from anthropologie; tiled shower via tabarka studio.

tulum inspired decorating mood board / @sfgirlbybay

get the tulum look, clockwise r to l: solar antique tiles; swing bar by running with tweezers; vintage Green Bamboo Design Pottery from chairish; pineapples via crystal cove; turquoise tile by tabarka studio; coqui coqui via sfgirlbybay; Riviera Chaise from Serena & lily; mixed vintage kitchen collection via design*sponge.

tulum inspired rattan chair / @sfgirlbybay

hus o hem.

tulum hotel / @sfgirlbybay

sanara by fashion me now.

tulum inspired decor / @sfgirlbybay

covet garden magazine.

tulum bar swings / @sfgirlbybay

tec petaja photography.

hartwood cafe tulum / @sfgirlbybay

hartwood restaurant, by todd selby.

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  1. We go down there about 3 times a year and have seen this happen in the past. I haven’t seen them evicted for very long though. It is so sad when this happens and crazy when you are a traveler there.

    • i can’t even imagine being there on holiday or your honeymoon and having this happen. if it happens at so many hotels, it seems as though it would be very tough to find new accommodations on the fly! i hope it gets resolved soon.

  2. What a beautiful post Victoria – I am transported (and of course want to throw everything I own out, start anew and recreate Tulum … but If I did that everytime one of your posts made me swoon, well, I’d be in the loony bin and/or poor house!;) So incredibly sad to hear what happened, I had no idea but about to dive into google to learn more. I have been wanted to go to Coqui Coqui forever which was solidified by your post last year.

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