one family’s castle.
by victoria comment


renovated 12th-century french chateau  / sfgirlbybay

after a two-year long renovation this 12th-century french chateau can finally be called home to Isabelle Site, owner of les petites emplettes, her husband Hubert and their three daughters. found in total disrepair — complete with damaged moat and drawbridge — the family brought the old castle back to life, but left behind hints of its history, choosing to leave bits of wallpaper and peeling paint giving the home a bohemian, eclectic mood. add to that some bold green paint and the house takes on an almost whimsical, wes anderson vibe, while the upstairs hosts bedrooms and bath decorated with elements from isabelle’s shop les petites emplettes, with a much more neutral palette. for the full tour, visit inside out magazine.

12th-century french chateau with eclectic vintage decor / sfgirlbybay

tall green doors inside 12th-century french chateau / sfgirlbybay

vintage furnishings in renovated 12th-century french chateau / sfgirlbybay

staircase with green carpet and tall green doors and woven baskets / sfgirlbybay

white hallway with woven baskets and string lights / sfgirlbybay

white twin beds in 12th-century french chateau / sfgirlbybay

modern bedroom in 12th-century french chateau / sfgirlbybay

rustic bathroom in 12th-century french chateau / sfgirlbybay

• photography via inside out magazine.


6 responses to “one family’s castle.”

  1. This by-gone romantic – Wes Anderson vibe is a joy…with all the hard work and planning this family have made, it’s well worth it.
    Don’t know that I would’ve been brave enough to choose that striking green.

  2. I don’t like this too-rustic-for-me style but the architecture is beautifull, those doors are amazing! I can’t imagine how hard must be to keep all clean…

  3. I love the big green doors, but a little goes a long way. The green window moldings are too much for my taste. I applaud their uniqueness, though.

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