stairway to book heaven.
by victoria comment


black metal library ladder in front of black metal book cases / sfgirlbybay

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one of the things that makes me happiest about my new (well, now a year old!) house is the built-in bookcases we installed. i love books and i love displaying them for other people to enjoy. the only drawback is how tall my bookcases are since they reach my ceiling which at the highest pitch is about 13 feet tall. so i’m considering installing a library ladder — which i have always wanted, too. i’ve seen a few out there and i love the ones that roll. i’m not sure i have enough space for that, but i’ve seen these library ladder kits you can build which seem very cool, as well as these and these that you can customize to fit your needs. it might be also fun to find something vintage that i could repurpose — so i’m on the hunt for those too. my very own stairway to heaven!

tall white built-in bookcase with wood rolling library ladder / sfgirlbybay

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white opening book shelves with modern black rolling library ladder / sfgirlbybay

pufik homes.

white built-in bookcases with black library ladder / sfgirlbybay


built-in bookcases with ladders / sfgirlbybay

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loft with built-in bookcase and black ladder / sfgirlbybay

cup of jo.

black metal bookcases with black metal library ladder / sfgirlbybay

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wooden ladder leaning on white built-in bookcases / sfgirlbybay

dust jacket attic.

open wood shelves with books and rolling vintage library cart / sfgirlbybay

sweden with love.

white built-in bookcases with white ladder and art gallery wall / sfgirlbybay

sarah catherine design.

wood ladder hung from white book cases / sfgirlbybay

méchant studio.

bookcases with wood ladder / sfgirlbybay

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4 responses to “stairway to book heaven.”

  1. OMG that loft bed made me ill with vertigo. I don’t usually get vertigo, but all it would take is a high ledge with no rail. Or I would trip.
    I also have 13-foot ceilings and want to install a library right up to the top. Not sure whether I’d just put the books that are keepsakes up there, and not get them down often, or go for a library ladder. Would it get in the way? Would I end up cursing its existence?
    I saw an amazing, tiny Paris apartment where the owner installed cupboards up to the ceilings, and used a library ladder for access. He had just one (small apartment), and moved it from place to place.

    • Hi Taste of France! If we are afraid of heights and get vertigo, how in the world would you be able to get your china or food from up there. Maybe it would be a good place to store Christmas Decorations!!!! The loft was sorta nice, but gotta have railings!! Thanks for taking the time for a Gulf Coast of MS girl (great grandmother). LOL!

  2. I love the hammock net beside the ladder and bookcase and the open air library! Who woudn’t want to grab a book and relax in these spaces? Thank you for sharing!

  3. Wow what a collection of amazing pictures! Looove books, but my apartment would definitely not have room for bookshelves like that. Oh well one day, maybe :)

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