don’t mind my black soul.
by victoria comment


modern dining nook with black and white decor / sfgirlbybay

vogue australia.

whoa, am i ever in one of those moods today. you know the ones — where just about everything sets you off and you’re a real cranky pants? yeah, that one. i’m generally not a moody person at all, so when i turn to the dark side it really affects me and i really notice it. and i don’t like it one little bit. don’t worry, it’s probably only temporary, and i know what would help — a vacation could fix me right up! but, alas, since thus far today i’m unable to shake it, or go on holiday anytime soon, i’m channeling it and you’re getting my black soul today. i hope you like it. oh, and my point is here, i actually do love me some black accents. those kinda dark days can stay.

moody quote / sfgirlbybay

another bondi blonde.

unique black, white and tan rug and black and wood table / sfgirlbybay

the thompson street studio.

black decor accents on art on wall / sfgirlbybay

dust jacket.

black and white modern bedroom decor / sfgirlbybay

kvarteret mäkleri (above + below).

modern black and white bedroom decor / sfgirlbybay

black modern decor / sfgirlbybay

ikea (above + below).

black rolling cart in white bathroom / sfgirlbybay

black and white ceramic plant pots / sfgirlbybay

the poetry of material things.

sleek black and white kitchen with painted black floors and cabinets / sfgirlbybay

bo bedre.

black labeled drawer pulls  / sfgirlbybay

the painted hive.

black accents in white room / sfgirlbybay

armelle habib.

modern and sleek black cabinet and light fixture / sfgirlbybay


5 responses to “don’t mind my black soul.”

  1. We’ve all had those kind of day(s). You live in a great town to have a staycation, maybe pack your beach umbrella and favorite drink and try find a quiet beach to listen to the waves…I’m not familiar with LA, but there must be a lonely beach somewhere…:)

  2. dear victoria:

    sorry you are feeling so blue. i am sending you some good vibes and a big smile from philadelphia. i am an almost daily visitor. i skipped a few days and what a great bunch of posts to catch up on all at once. i just love your eye and and your discerning taste! it always makes me happy to look at your blog. hope some of that boomerangs back to you!

    • thank you, jilly! i’m feeling much better – just was feeling a bit overwhelmed last week. i think i just need a vacation!! but thank you so much for the kind words! :)

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