island style.
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beach home with tortoise shells on the wall / sfgirlbybay

oh look! i’m saved today after all — by this bright and beautiful Caribbean beach house belonging to photographer, anita calero featured recently on axxis. with its indoor-outdoor feeling, it’s brought me back from the dark side and i’m feeling much more chill already. made up of exposed white beams and nuances of bamboo and tortoise shell this beach house has a really relaxed island style and even a touch of whimsy. no tv, minimal electricity (the owner prefers to live by candle light) this is the ideal spot to unwind and unplug from it all. to take a mini holiday, hop over to axxis and have long, leisurely look around.

beach home with indoor outdoor office space / sfgirlbybay

beachy wall tapestry in caribbean beach home / sfgirlbybay

beachy eat-in kitchen with vintage light fixture / sfgirlbybay

beachy island home tour / sfgirlbybay

white walls and framed art prints in caribbean beach home / sfgirlbybay

beachy island home with outdoor dining space in the caribbean / sfgirlbybay

beachy decor on outdoor patio / sfgirlbybay

beachy bedroom with exposed wood wall and painted white shiplap wall / sfgirlbybay

minimalist beachy bedroom decor / sfgirlbybay

bedroom decor with island style. / sfgirlbybay

beachy daybed and colorful accent rug in island home / sfgirlbybay

• photography by MÓNICA BARRENECHE.

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  1. I’m floored! .. beautiful bare floors and the nifty idea of draping textile over the door and tacking larger bits to the wall. thanks again for mixing those creative juices – a treat with my early morning coffee here in Aussie :)

  2. Just wanted to chime in on the turtle shells, While I understand the negative appeal for some to display dead animals, I live in a part of the world where the locals eat turtle fairly often, The chiefs of each village have their own rules, so it helps the turtle population from being over “fished”. Thus, the shelf are then used to make jewelry, and are sometimes hung as decoration. It would be a waste to throw them out. The turtles are not caught solely for their shells, but for their meat. It has been part of their culture for centuries to eat turtle. So perhaps Anita’s shells come from a situation such as this.

  3. This home is tranquil and very lovely. Thank you for sharing these photographs.

    Some years back we lived in a stilted house on a Florida barrier island where we discovered a splendid sea turtle shell in a storage closet. While living in that beach house we sadly came across one or two dead turtles washed up on the sand, but we also got to observe with awe the nesting sites and journey back to the ocean of the mother and hatchlings. Our shell is beautiful in color and form as well as the memories it holds for our family.

  4. As a Cally girl please know that some of those turtle shells belong to endangered turtles. I believe the hawksbill is critically endangered. I did ecovolunteer in Costa Rica with scientists to help protect nesting turtles. Drug dealers will take a break from drugs to make easy money selling turtle eggs. Believed to be an aphrodisiac.They cut out the one small piece of meat thought to be the best from adult turtles and leave the rest to rot afraid of being caught with the meat. A 19 year old young man was tortured and killed by poachers trying to protect the turtles where he lived. It is true that a lot of local people around the globe eat the turtle meat. I’m sure some tribes or areas do it respectfully in balance with nature(New Guinea comes to mind) but a lot do not. It’s a very difficult situation. It might be a good idea to research it before encouraging people to decorate their beach homes in that way.

    • hi lisa, they were in the Pending folder. all posted now. thanks very much for your input and insight. i’ll be more aware of these kinds of endangered animals going forward. all the best, victoria

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