the shutterbugs: lean timms.
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this is the lovely work of Australian food, travel and lifestyle photographer lean timms –currently based in Canberra. lean is inspired by “by foraging, seasonal changes, food stories and travel” and strives to photograph and share considered, slow living moments rich in beauty and culture. i think her images are simply sublime, and what she has set out to achieve in her work, she has captured tenfold — i kind of just want to live in her pretty still life-like world. a world featured in print like Saveur Magazine, Food and Wine, Collective Magazine, Australian House & Garden, Provencial Magazine, and the Kinfolk Dinner Series. she also writes the blog lean & meadow and has an instagram feed most definitely worth following. she’s photographed two books, as well: The Saints of Old Florida, a coastal lifestyle and recipe book and Kate Young’s The Little Library Cookbook, due for release in the UK October 2017. be sure and have a look at her gorgeous online portfolio where you will find her tiny atlas of food, travel and lifestyle images.

simple table photographed by lean timms / sfgirlbybayindoor outdoor room with shiplap walls photographed by lean timms / sfgirlbybayrustic minimalist home photographed by lean timms / sfgirlbybayopen shelving with vintage dishware photographed by lean timms / sfgirlbybayrustic kitchen decor photographed by lean timms / sfgirlbybayflower market photographed by lean timms / sfgirlbybayrustic shelves and decor photographed by lean timms / sfgirlbybaycolorful dishware photographed by lean timms / sfgirlbybayinspiring bedroom decor photographed by lean timms / sfgirlbybaysimple dining space photographed by lean timms / sfgirlbybayrustic home photographed by lean timms / sfgirlbybay

• photography by lean timms.

5 responses to “the shutterbugs: lean timms.”

  1. Me and Lean met at a photography workshop in Seattle and I’ve loved seeing her journey as a photographer. She’s accomplished so much in the two years that I’ve known her. So proud of you my friend!

    Thank you for featuring Lean, Victoria! P.S. Have been loving your home updates. That exterior black paint is bold and unexpected!

    • i need to go to that workshop, because i am so envious of lean’s talents! such a natural!

      and thanks so much, bee! i’m glad you like the home updates – more to come. bathroom renovation is coming up soon, i think!

      • Ha! I think the talent is all Lean’s. But it was a workshop with Australian photographer Luisa Brimble. I highly recommend the workshop. I learned so much and Luisa is such a talented and generous teacher.

        Ooh, bathroom renovation. Can’t wait to check out your mood board and inspiration.

      • Well, that explains quite a bit, because I’m a big fan of Luisa’s work too. But I do think Lean has natural talent!

        Mood board for bathroom coming soon!

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