emerald city.
by victoria comment


emerald green wardrobe cabinet / sfgirlbybay

abigail ahern.

welcome to the emerald city, population us — and of course, now you. it’s high time we all adapted these rich emerald jewel tones into the everyday room, as it makes for quite the conversation starter, and a very pinterest-worthy moment. we can’t stop seeing green with all these beautiful forest-toned sofas, cabinets, and appropriate pops of foliage.

emerald green wall paper / sfgirlbybay

eclectic trends.

emerald green decor and inspirational imagery / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: zephyr cafe; gubi via skt pertri hotel magazine; flos light; renoguide; india mahdavi; our food stories; ostrich farm via the jungalow.

emerald green kitchen cabinets and wall color / sfgirlbybay

devol kitchens.

inspirational emerald green images / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: vogue, january 1968; sommario; archway via justina blakeney; Olivier Seignette; vogue japan, march 2016; peter bertrams for marie-stella-maris; my little fabric; emerald sectional sofa by sven grass.

emerald green crocheted blanket / sfgirlbybay

bedding via toast.

emerald green wall paint and rattan bench / sfgirlbybay

photography kristiina kurronen, styling susanna vento.

green mid-century modern sectional / sfgirlbybay

interiors by charles zana.

emerald green imagery / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: details oriented; grass sock by thierry boutemi for opening ceremony; artichokes via canelle vanille; elle decoration; the green room via anthropologie; emerald cabinet by stylist cleo scheulderman.

emerald green duvet / sfgirlbybay

Jonas Ingerstedt photography.

17 responses to “emerald city.”

    • Beautiful & inspiring post. I love emerald green. There’s something magical about it. That bedroom by Abigail Ahern with the rusted metal Victorian bed and the modern white globe is amazing! Well done! Gemma from Faded Windmills, I checked out your site. Incredible! Your embroidery work is brilliant.

  1. So lovely pictures and gorgeous color! I have painted our dining part of the kitchen, which we just call “the cafeteria” in dark green, and the atmosphere in there is really changing. Just the last shiny coat of paint in the ceilings left (and the floor), and I will be done! For sneak peaks have a look at instagram @villabetulablog and my blog villabetula.com. Have a lovely day, and thanks for wonderful posts all the time! :D

  2. Hi, I just love the colour of the wall in the second photo! You don’t happen to know the name of that exact shade? I’m having trouble locating it! None are quite right!

  3. Please, where is the emerald green velvet duvet cover in the last picture from?? It’s exactly what I want for my bedroom. Beautiful!!

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