statement making art.
by victoria comment


oversized colorblocked art print / sfgirlbybay

BRIAN W. FERRY photography for a piece apart.

i really love ‘big impact’ artwork. i used to be more of a ‘gallery kinda girl’ but lately, i just love the simplicity of one great big piece of art that makes a bold statement. i have a large print over my sofa from kiki & polly, and another large photograph by laure joliet in my dining area. there are so many wonderful sources for art these days — we’re really fortunate to have places like etsy and chairish for vintage art, and emerging artists’ work from online galleries like tappan collective, deb carlos, 20×200, mammoth & co. and minted art where art is affordable and very accessible. there’s also parabo press and artifact uprising where you can easily upload and print your very own instagram and smart phone photos. the art world is your oyster these days — and if you’d like still more helpful sources for art, check out my gallery pinboard.

oversized framed art print / sfgirlbybay

marc jacobs home via architectural digest.

oversized black and white art / sfgirlbybay

derek swalwell photography.

oversized black and white art prints / sfgirlbybay

style at home.

large photograph of pink buildings over bench with fur throw / sfgirlbybay

Kimberley Dhollander Dreamy Houses Art Print, at urban outfitters.

framed colorful art prints / sfgirlbybay

laure joliet print shop.

colorful abstract art leaning on mantel / sfgirlbybay

the posters and simply framed, via old brand new.

oversized black and white drawing / sfgirlbybay

Heidi Lerkenfeldt photography.

black and white oversized painting over desk / sfgirlbybay

dave wheeler photography for homes to love.

framed photograph of home exteriors / sfgirlbybay

the paris print shop.

large black and white line painting / sfgirlbybay


large painting over gray tufted sectional sofa / sfgirlbybay

ashe + leandro.

7 responses to “statement making art.”

  1. A post after my own heart. Love the sites and images you used in some incredible interiors. Have you checked out yet? It is a new print search engine that makes it much easier to find prints that go with the rest of your decor. We are working on adding some of the sites you listed to our already large index (cough–minted–cough).

  2. I have a 6×6 feet pink and grey mixed media piece on the wall in my living room and placing it there was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It makes the television less of an eye sore and gives this lovely soothing touch to the space. I’m so glad I went big instead of small!

  3. And not to forget the old way, going out, visit exhibitions, artist studios, local artmarkets and buy from the artist himself. It´s more favourable because there´s no online shop between and you get in contact with the artist personal.
    Greetings from germany Kathrin

  4. So nice to see a variety of pieces of art work here :)! I’m about to buy a house next year and (bizarrely) despite not having even thought about the colour I’ll paint the walls, I’m thinking about what kind of art work I want to hang! I’m quite traditional in my taste so I imagine it will maybe be old-style portraiture, sketches and big charcoal pieces… makes a huge difference to an interior doesn’t it?!


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