put a chair there.
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vintage chair as bedside table / sfgirlbybay


i do not have a thing for nightstands. i mean, they’re quite fine and everything, but i don’t hoard them. chairs on the other hand, well, that’s where i go gah gah. i don’t know what it is about chairs but they are often quite unique, and very beautiful. so, i tend to like a chair ‘as nightstand’ much better than the real thing. they just look less ‘cookie-cutter’ expected, and a little more interesting. vintage bentwood chairs make for great nightstands — a pretty place to stack your night reading or a bedside lamp. plus, i always seem to have an extra chair or two about the house, and it’s an easy fix to change up a boring old traditional night table with a great looking chair. here’s what i’m talking about.

wooden chair as bedside table / sfgirlbybay

fantastic frank.

chairs and benches as side tables in bedrooms / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, l to r: dos family; the design files; vogue australia; fantastic frank; chocolate creative; vintage industrial style.

matching wood chairs as bedside tables / sfgirlbybay

bo bedre.

unique vintage chair as side table next to bed on the floor / sfgirlbybay


small side chair as beside table / sfgirlbybay

avenue lifestyle.

industrial wood chair with metal legs and arms as bedside table / sfgirlbybay

seesaw designs.

mid-century modern wood chair next to bed / sfgirlbybay

nuevo estilo.

vintage wood side chair / sfgirlbybay

rue magazine.

white chairs as bedroom side tables / sfgirlbybay

dust jacket.

vintage wood folding chair / sfgirlbybay

apartment therapy.

striped bedding with white chair side table / sfgirlbybay

bolig magasinet.

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  1. Agreed. Plus you get extra chairs…I have a quiet horror of little cupboards next to the bed. They spook me. On the other hand, a chair is cheerfully utilitarian. Glad I am not alone.

  2. I have always loved a beautiful chair beside the bed. It really creates personality in the bedroom and looks absolutely gorgeous. These photos are the best. Thank you!

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