friday finds.
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white beamed ceilings / sfgirlbybay

happy friday, y’all! i shared some of my kitchen remodeling ideas with you yesterday, and another thing i’m thinking about doing with my kitchen makeover is busting through the false ceiling and exposing the natural beams beneath — like in my living room and bedroom. i love these looks — so rustic and cozy, but painted white gives them a modern touch. here’s to the weekend everyone — have a great one! xo, victoria

  1. raise the roofbeams! doesn’t this make this room feel so much larger?
  2. i love the idea of a modern lighting fixture with the rustic beams, too. so inspired by serena mitnik-miller’s topanga home.
  3. high ceilings and white beams just brighten up a kitchen like this one from vtwonen.
  4. this kitchen doesn’t have the beams but i do like the idea of a skylight.
  5. villa palmier has a beautiful and enviable high-vaulted white beamed ceilings.
  6. these kitchen ceilings are pretty too – but they’ve left the beams au natural wood.
  7. these au natural beams are a bit more rustic, but i love them too!

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  1. I love all of these! Can you share the estimates you get so we know what it costs to do this work? The second photo is my least favorite, it looks like a garage conversion. The interior of a kitchen should be a little more finished to my eye.

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