that’s a wrap.
by Michaela d'Artois comment


head scarf with flowers / sfgirlbybay

nadine ijewere photography.

we’re having a retro moment for a trend that’s lingered on our pinterest feed even after summer’s end — the headscarf. how cool does one look when they’ve perfectly mastered the wrapping of a pucci print scarf, more than appropriate on days when we may not have the energy to wash our hair. we tend to fantasize stumbling upon the perfect scarf for a weekend get-away to palm springs, or while trailing rows at the flea market (a good spot to score vintage scarves for just a few bucks). whether you’re channeling lulu de la falaise, or an hermes ad campaign from the 60s’, we’re right there with you (watching how-to tie videos on youtube, stellar and vimeo no less).

blue printed silk head scarf / sfgirlbybay

tommy ton for gucci.

model in shades of orange and peach head scarf / sfgirlbybay


teal and yellow head scarf / sfgirlbybay

the shiny squirrel.

models in printed head scarves / sfgirlbybay

ISAIAH JOHNSON photography via strangers with style.

head scarf inspirational images / sfgirlbybay

clockwise, from l to r: the fashion tag; honestly wtf; golden cigarettes; suturno; gucci; maire claire; miss osiria rose; vogue uk; g-star raw tumblr.

model wearing printed head scarf / sfgirlbybay


model in vintage t-shirt and patterned headscarf tied in a bow / sfgirlbybay

mag moon look.

model wearing colorful headscarf / sfgirlbybay

mon favori.

indigo dyed headscarf / sfgirlbybay

need supply.

printed blue and white and black head scarf / sfgirlbybay

Giulio Rustichelli photography for zen magazine.

model on the beach wearing gray head scarf / sfgirlbybay

collage vintage.


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  1. Perfect timing, THANK YOU for posting this! I used to wear head scarves all the time up until a few years ago when I (inexplicably) decided that I was too old (at 40!) to even attempt to ‘rock this look’ anymore. HOW UTTERLY RIDICULOUS! I have a case FULL of beautiful vintage scarves just waiting to see the light of day!

  2. I love those, I’m an orthodox married jewish girl, so I cover my hair with turbans every day. Those are very inspiring!

    If you click on my Pinterest account, my profile picture is one of my favorite wraps :)

    Thanks for the wrapping love! Love from Israel

  3. thanks for the inspiration.

    from someone who started losing her hair 36 years ago (at age 22) and won’t wear a wig

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