musical decor.
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small piano with vintage chair and large plant on top / sfgirlbybay


there’s something so instantly charming about a room with a vintage piano in it–especially when said piano is thoughtfully adorned with a playful collection of treasures, art or plants. yes, these gorgeous musical instruments make captivating decor, what with all of the different shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from. but i think what i find most attractive about their presence in a home, is knowing there’s music being enjoyed within those walls. did many of you grow up with a piano at home? or do you have a piano in your home now? these rooms each have their own distinctive look and feel thanks to their lovely pianos, which makes me think… if these walls could talk, they’d probably sing!

small vintage piano with vintage decor on top / sfgirlbybay


vintage piano and mid-century modern planter / sfgirlbybay

apartment therapy.

vintage home furnishings and dark wood piano / sfgirlbybay


chic music room with various musical instruments / sfgirlbybay

eve wilson for the design files.

mid-century modern piano in dining room / sfgirlbybay


minimalist home decor with piano / sfgirlbybay

the new bohemians.

dark brown piano with faux fur bench / sfgirlbybay

namaste with love.

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