friday finds.
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colorful room with blue daybed / sfgirlbybay

everybody doing okay? it’s been a difficult week for many of us and the country most certainly seems sadly divided. i’m not going to go into it here because i have ad nauseum on social media and for me, that’s the place i release and not here because i’m not certain it’s the place for it, nor that you might want to hear my ramblings and opinion. so i’m going with love today. no matter what happens in the world, no one can keep you from being a loving, kind, and supportive person and i think we all need more of that right now, no matter who you voted for. love and humanity should be, and will be my own personal guide through these days of uncertainty. so today, here are a few things that might make a difficult week just a little bit better. xo, victoria

  1. i’m pretty sure an afternoon of escape with a good book on this rug printed darcy daybed would be therapuetic.
  2. drinking lots of kusmi’s sweet love tea sounds good. more love, please.
  3. time to get more meditative, with some beauty routines courtesy of Shiva Rose on the coveteur.
  4. could be time for a trip, perhaps? how about a very zen visit to peacock pavillons in marrakech, morocco?
  5. let’s catch up on our rest. these past few months have been draining, and sleep helps us heal.
  6. if all else fails, paint everything pink in protest. it’s bound to cheer you up!

kusmi tea tin / sfgirlbybay

loose leaf tea in a ceramic bowl on an indigo table linen / sfgirlbyby

gold floral stenciling on black doors / sfgirlbybay

colorful sheets and bedding / sfgirlbybay

pink kitchen cabinets and pattern tile floors / sfgirlbybay

9 responses to “friday finds.”

  1. Beautiful post and inspiring words. Also, loved the Shiva Rose article not just because of the rituals she talks about but because that it is healing and meditative to put more intention behind little things. Happy weekend. x Kati

  2. How do I pin a specific photo off of your article. At times you really hit the money for me and I would love to save the image to a pinterest board. Thanks.

  3. Lovely finds! I have been trying to find a balance, definitely, between processing mixed emotions re: this election and just tuning everything out and focusing only on positive stuff. This post helps :) That rug printed daybed is literally everything, and I’m really digging the pink cabinets in that last photo. Thanks for sharing!

  4. wow, I must have pinned all of these. I love anything pink blush lately, In my home its on the blinds, cushions, rug, and then floral has definitely been making it’s way into my home more and more. Thanks for the finds!

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