wear this there: sfmoma.
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San Francisco city scape / sfgirlbybay

as the gateway to modern art, SFMOMA is always one we suggest to visiting friends and readers. Now even more so because our favorite landmark got a wee bit of a facelift. home to warhols, and rothkos alike it now houses a richard serra installation. they upgraded to an in-house sightless coffee bar, and a three michelin starred destination called in situ. why not try to blend in by sticking out as an expression of art all on your own in fluffy culottes, and kayu’s eye clutch. bring along your own form of tour with 100 secrets of the art world.

~ michaela dartois, vérité published.

SFMOMA / sfgirlbybay

wear this there: SFMOMA / sfgirlbybay

wear this there: front row shop white fluff wide leg crop pants; shop shade troy shades; zara frayed frock coat; everlane modern baby shoe; reformation beckett top; kayu eye clutch; credo beauty juice beauty satin lip cream; 100 secrets of the art world by thomas first and magnus reach; marja germans gard arts earrings.

building exterior of sfmoma / sfgirlbybay

art installation inside sfmoma / sfgirlbybay

sfmoma interior / sfgirlbybay

america art installation at sfmoma / sfgirlbybay

art inside the sfmoma / sfgirlbybay

stairwells inside the sfmoma / sfgirlbybay

sfmoma building exterior / sfgirlbybay

• photography courtesy of SFMOMA.

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