bound for cuba.
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colorful buildings along a cuban street. sfgirlbybay

collage vintage.

as you may have seen on instagram, i’m bound for cuba this weekend! some friends and i have booked a trip there for a week with coast to costa tours and i couldn’t be more excited! cuba has long been on my list of places that i’ve wanted to visit, and especially before it changes too much. i want to see it in all its faded glory and meet the people that have made it their home under embargo for more than 50 years. i watched anthony bourdain’s parts unknown on cuba and its fast changing cultural landscape last night and it was quite eye-opening, so i can only image our trip will be as well. we’re going to havana, trinidad and vinales over the course of the week, and will be staying in old colonial, classic Cuban homes. i got a lot of great tips on my instagram post (very helpful if you are headed there anytime soon) but would love any input you may have here, as well. we’ll be popping in with some scheduled posts (with a great giveaway later today!), tomorrow and again next week, but there’s very little in any wifi in cuba so i will be out of touch after tomorrow and see you back here on November 29th. until then, my friends!

inspiring interiors in cuba. / sfgirlbybay

architectural digest’s design lover’s guide to cuba.

pastel building exteriors in cuba. / sfgirlbybay

collage vintage.

bright pastel buildings in cuba. / sfgirlbybay

trip advisor.

lush cuban landscape. / sfgirlbybay

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8 responses to “bound for cuba.”

  1. Have a grand time and just soak in all that color inspiration! It will be fun to see where your inspiration leads you in the coming months!

  2. Omg so jealous and so excited for you at the same time. Have you seen Jonathan Canlas’ recent film photography from Cuba? It’s stunning and very inspiring. Hope you have an amazing trip. Safe travels!

  3. Don’t expect the food to be fantastic everywhere you go. Especially in all inclusive, food will be quite boring so leave the hotel as much as you can.
    The old town of La Habana is a must.
    In Varadero, you have to go to the restaurant La fiesta del Carbon. This is probably the best restaurant there.

  4. You will absolutely LOVE Cuba. It’s one of my favourite places. It’s so rich in culture and history. It’s so alive! The people are absolutely incredible. Enjoy!

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