a perfectly eclectic paris apartment.
by victoria comment


modern paris apartment. / sfgirlbybay

this is not my beautiful home, but if it were, i think i might have difficulty deciding just where to sit. do i recline dramatically on that dreamy divan, or perch myself properly in one of those lovely leather chairs? every inch of this nineteenth-floor apartment in paris is just stunning, but not in a super fussy way. in fact, it looks most inviting to me with its eclectic mix of cultures from Moroccan to distinctly Parisian aplumb. recently featured on nuevo estilo, this is one unexpected palette of layered textures and color and clearly, the owners not only know how to collect unique antiquities, they also know how to throw them together for one very wonderfully cosmopolitan look.

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  1. This is a great example of how good taste makes a difference. It’s one of the few Parisian apartments that doesn’t have 12-foot ceilings and wedding-cake moldings (though it does have swoon-worthy herringbone wood floors). The furnishings are interesting but it isn’t too crowded. Look at that bed–it’s just plain. They made it inviting by having a cloudlike duvet that you ache to sink into, and the art on the wall is on the side, rather than more predictably centered. Although they have many trendy pieces (the Beni Orain carpet, the Vertigo light fixture), there are enough vintage/antiques to make the place unique. The color palette adds to the feel of being out of the ordinary without being “out there.”

  2. Not 19th floor! The scale of the windows in the apartment already gives that idea, but the other buildings that are visible outside the windows make it clear.

      • I think those aren’t real windows, and show a faux view outside. Or someone has photoshopped the view in, or there is some sort of shade over the window. The view looks more painterly than photographic to me.

      • It’s just a simple translation error :) The article says nineteenth *century* not nineteenth floor, which would indeed by unlikely in an Haussmannian-era building in Paris :)

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