a touch of blush.
by victoria comment


blush walls in living room alcove. / sfgirlbybay

simon watson photography.

when it comes to adding color to my home, i always seem to come back to blush. it just blends so well with so many other colors, and most especially i love it with a bit of deep blue. whether it’s just a subtle dab of the palest blush, or walls drenched in the lovely color, pink really has a way of warming up a space. i also think it’s quite complementary to our complexions — so there’s always that to consider. here are some inspiring bits of blush for you to consider on your next hunt for color.

blush wall with deep blue tile backsplash. / sfgirlbybay

we are huntly.

blush and gold decor. / sfgirlbybay

architectural digest.

blush coffee mugs in teal tray. / sfgirlbybay

oh happy day! studio.

blush kitchen cabinets. / sfgirlbybay

elle decoration.

blush cabinet with glass doors. / sfgirlbybay

the design files.

blush island with black and white patterend floor tile and mint cabinets. / sfgirlbybay

steve baldini architecture.

blush sofa and emerald green armchairs. / sfgirlbybay


blush armchairs below swan photograph hung over mantle. / sfgirlbybay

Swan Lake print by Edwin Rasberg, via the cool hunter.

blush throw rugs in white hallway. / sfgirlbybay

Vårtnya hem.

blush tufted modern sectional. / sfgirlbybay

dwell magazine.



7 responses to “a touch of blush.”

  1. I love blush and super pale pink. I keep going back to the photo you posted last week or week before of the pink and black kitchen from notre petite maison dans la prairie. My family would never let it happen, but I’m in love with that kitchen! Thanks for the continuing inspiration.

    BTW Did you ever announce the winner of the Elsie Green giveaway?

  2. I just painted the interior side of my front door a blush pink a few days ago. Loving it! As always, your posts are inspirational!

  3. I love the blush pink and decor choices together. I especially love the choice and type of lighting fixtures. Any information about where to find the lighting fixtures?

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