good reads: abigail ahern.
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good reads: abigail ahern. / sfgirlbybay

i’ve long embraced the brilliant genius of london-based designer abigail ahern, but somehow i’d not seen her house crush series before this week. i stumbled upon her blog series of beautiful home tours via pinterest this week and found myself lingering there perhaps a while too long — i simply couldn’t decide on what not to share, the interiors all so inspiring. abigail has always leaned towards a dark, daring and dramatic look and these interiors reflect that beautifully. and you’ll find loads of eclectic goods in her online shop should you aspire to get this look. if you’d like to see more, hop on over and hang out on this house crush at mademoiselle poirot’s on abigail ahern.

 house crush via abigail ahern. / sfgirlbybay

 house crush tour on abigail ahern. / sfgirlbybay

tie-dyed wall tapestry and decor via abigail ahern. / sfgirlbybay

houseplants via house crush tour on abigail ahern. / sfgirlbybay

house crush at mademoiselle poirot's on abigail ahern. / sfgirlbybay

mantle with eclectic decor via abigail ahern. / sfgirlbybay

dining room with crown molding and black cabinet. / sfgirlbybay

 house crush at mademoiselle poirot's via abigail ahern. / sfgirlbybay

incense and houseplants via abigial ahern. / sfgirlbybay

abigail ahern home tour. / sfgirlbybay

paper lantern light and blue bed linens via abigail ahern. / sfgirlbybay

• photography courtesy of abigail ahern.

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  1. I love this, beautiful curation of what I call ‘clutter’. And that is meant as a complement. Sometimes I look around my house and think, jeez, do I have too many wonderful items placed around my little abode, I totally share this aesthetic. Thanks for the post.

  2. I just stumbled upon this via Pinterest only to discover all images are of my home(s) (our last flat and our ‘now’ house)! So happy you like it and very flattered. xo

  3. She is one of my favorites! I love these photos, but it’s funny that you picked a place with white walls–Abigail Ahern is almost synonymous with very dark walls. She pulls off moody and dramatic very well.

  4. Thank you Victoria for the shout out and such kind words, am flattered. I have to say I am the hugest fan of your blog and read it all the time.
    Vanessa so sorry you came to London we were in the middle of a huge store move. We left a tiny store and moved to a big space and like anything the revamp took a little longer than I had imagined.

  5. I had the chance to take a master styling class at Abigail Ahern’s home in London. She was amazing and her house was just absolutely gorgeous. Very keen stylist and smart businesswoman as well. I was very in awe of her.

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