friday finds.
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pink umbrellas on a sandy beach in st. lucia. / sfgirlbybay

it’s been a long week with a lot going on that i don’t think i’ll go into here. i’d like to discuss world politics with you but i’m guessing that’s not why you come here, so for the moment, i’m simply seeking refuge in my friday finds. fantasizing about a long, leisurely vacation, a shopping trip to a longtime online favorite’s L.A. brick and mortar — the kinds of easy going, mindless things that take you away from it all. have a stress-free, restful weekend everyone. xo, victoria

  1. first off, i’m daydreaming of a warm holiday away. st. lucia looks like a good place to start. those pink umbrellas — sigh!
  2. on my bucket list — the line at melrose place. there’s no excuse for why i haven’t made it into their beautiful shop yet.
  3. love this dreamy yoko takahash photograph — and the idea of using a vintage fabric or scarf as curtain.
  4. bring some light into your life with local is lovely’s beautiful roses poster.
  5. vintage postcards crack me up and this one from THREE SPRINGS FISHERIES in LILYPONS, MARYLAND is a beaut. i like to collect postcards and send them out to friends for no good reason at all.
  6. if had some big bucks laying around i’d love to order this slim aarons print entitled Having A Topping Time.
  7. i’m having a moment with bamboo, and this chair and ottoman have me swooning overtime. such an amazing vintage find!

the line at melrose place. / sfgirlbybayyoko takahash photograph of vintage fabric curtain. / sfgirlbybaylocal is lovely's beautiful roses poster. / sfgirlbybayvintage postcard from THREE SPRINGS FISHERIES in LILYPONS, MARYLAND. / sfgirlbybayslim aarons print entitled Having A Topping Time. / sfgirlbybayfriday finds / sfgirlbybay

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  1. I just wanted to tell you that I so appreciate that you are keeping politics out of of your blog for now. I’m not against standing up for rights and such, but going to my favorite blogs is like an escape to my happy place and I’ve been reading yours for years now…from the beginning actually and I appreciate the beauty and personal style that you display here. Thanks so much!

    • Thanks Melissa for your kind input. I am so inundated with politics and have my serious concerns about several issues, but I understand this may not be the place for it at this time.

  2. Thank you Victoria for not discussing politics on your blog. The discussion is everywhere right now, rightly so, but to have it invade my favorite blog would be sad. The few minutes I take to check out blogs is my free time, quiet moments to get away from it all. Yours is the very first one I read because I love your style “lens” – the rooms you choose, the shapes you like, the funky venues you take us to etc. These inspire me & make me feel light. To have the the red/blue “lens” layered onto this takes away that lightness.

  3. Hi Victoria,

    Any chance you could tell me who the artist is in number 7. Friday Find (the one with the bamboo chair and ottoman)? The colours are ‘to die for’.


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