moroccan rug giveaway!
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The Sunny Side & Co. rug giveaway. / sfgirlbybay

i really love when i get to give away a beautiful rug. and hurrah! it’s that time again, but this time, amber at the Pink Rug Co. introduced me to the folks at The Sunny Side & Co. who invited me to give away one of their gorgeous moroccan rugs — of the winner’s choice. With their bold combinations of fleecy black lines set against a plush ivory field, each Beni Ourain rug is a luxurious blend of history and Moroccan culture in every shape and symbol. The Sunny Side & Co.’s boucherouite rugs are bold, fun and colorful — i have a vintage one in my office and love it — plus i can toss it in the washing machine!

The Sunny Side & Co. rug giveaway. / sfgirlbybay

enter to win a rug from The Sunny Side & Co. valued at a maximum of $800, or a $800 credit toward any rug of your choice (winner pays the difference if a rug chosen is valued at above $800). to enter, simply:

• favorite The Sunny Side & Co. on etsy.

• pin your favorite rug onto any one of your pinterest boards.

• comment here on the blog letting us know you followed & pinned, by monday, march 20th at midnight pst.

• hurrah! this giveaway is worldwide!

• as always, please be sure to leave a way to contact you via twitter, facebook, your blog or email.

• we’ll announce the randomly selected winner later the week of march 20th on my twitter, so be sure to follow along.

The Sunny Side & Co. rug giveaway. / sfgirlbybay

The Sunny Side & Co. rug giveaway. / sfgirlbybay

The Sunny Side & Co. rug giveaway. / sfgirlbybay

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  1. I’m too modest to enter giveaways but this one is really good, thank you so much for the opportunity. I have followed & pinned!

  2. favorited and pinned. omgosh i would die to have one of these plush little rugs under my toesies at my work desk!

    ngallo58 at gmail

  3. I followed and favorited! I have been drooling over Moroccan rugs for the past several months!! Keeping my fingers crossed, because I am completely in love with the pink woven rug!! Thank you so much!!

  4. AH! Definitely favorited and saved to a board! My forever and I were juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust discussing Moroccan rugs for our industrial warehouse apartment and this would be absolutely perfect. <3

  5. The Sunny Side & Co is a favorite on Esty and pinned! So difficult to pin my favorite…love them all!!

  6. Hey there! I have pinned (user Sheryl Justice) and favorited the Etsy store (user sheryljustice).

    Their rugs are pretty fabulous! sherylwithas(at) Thank you for the opportunity.

  7. Hi! These beautiful rugs are beyond dreamy! Good luck to all those who enter the giveaway. The winner’s home will be transformed… here’s hoping it’ll be mine ;) I’ve pinned and favorited the shop. Thank you for the opportunity!

  8. I favorited theboucherouiteshop and pinned the BENI MGUILD. Vintage Moroccan Rug. Wool Beni MGUILD Carpet. Modern Design. Love all their rugs but the red on this one is brilliant.

  9. Favorited on Etsy and pinned one of the Azilals and one of the Beni MGuild red beautiful!

  10. We are buying a house with bamboo floors, so I am so excited to find this store on Etsy! Thank you for sharing. I favorited and pinned!

  11. Was hard picking a favourite! They are all so beautiful. Favourite on Etsy, Pinned and Followed.
    Always wanted to own a maroccan rug.

  12. Favourited and pinned :) I’ve been lusting over these rugs every day on Pinterest and they are impossible to find in Cape Town :(

  13. SWOON! So gorgeous, these beauties have been on my wish list for forever! Pinned and favourited on etsy. Fingers crossed! Xx

  14. Wow! What an amazing giveaway! I have favourited (so difficult to choose!) and pinned!

    I would love to win, but even if I don’t I would love to illustrate some of these beautiful, jewel toned rugs!

  15. Eeeeeeek! I am so excited that this is worldwide giveaway! I already follow/favorite them on Etsy because their stuff is so lush, but I’ve also pinned a few more rugs now. Thanks Victoria! xx

  16. Yeah, another giveaway! thank you!
    Already following The Sunny Side and Co and have their Etsy shop in my favorites, they have wonderful rugs! Love their boucherouite and beni ourain rugs… I love both colors and a neutral palette! My two favorites are:
    Would love to win one of these beauties!!!
    By the way, I also have a little Etsy shop if you want to have a look (global boho look for home!):

  17. Oh my goodness! I always swoon over these rugs when I see them out and about on my fave blogs and Pinterest. Currently, they’re out of my price range, so I’m grateful for this opportunity. Favorited AND pinned :-) THANK YOU!

  18. OH MY GOSHHHHH. *screams internally* I love these rugs. So beautiful. Currently in the process of remodeling my first home and I’ve been DYING for one of these babies!!!! <3

    Thanks for the opportunity! Re-followed and pinned a few of my favorites. :)

  19. Absolutely gorgeous! Favorited shop and pinned! Thank you for sharing another source for gorgeous rugs :)

  20. I followed and i pinned. I would really like to win a carpet for the room of the baby girl in my belly!!

  21. I had already favourited the shop and now I’ve pinned! Hoping to add to my growing Moroccan collection of rugs!

  22. Hello dear! I have been lusting over authentic rugs for the better part of my life but due to my finances, can barely afford to buy one from Target. This would be such a wonderful addition to my lackluster home <3

    I pinned and followed (plus shared!)


  23. I followed, faved and pinned. So many beautiful rugs, so many favorites!!! What a marvelous giveaway! Thank you so much for the opportunity. And for introducing us to their site.

  24. Followed and pinned, and pinned and pinned. I just spent the last hour getting lost in the boucherouite shop! Such beautiful rugs! Thanks for sharing this gem, Victoria!

  25. Challenge accepted! Done, done, and Done. Thank you for the opportunity to win an item of such beauty!

  26. I went to favorite the shop in Etsy and it turns out, I ALREADY HAD! Hah! I also pinned a beautiful, blue rug. So pretty!

  27. Thank you for the opportunity, I followed/pinned and I’m thrilled to have a new source for gorgeous Moroccan textiles!

  28. Done and done! I’ve been wanting to buy a large Moroccan rug for my living room, but waiting due to the price! This would help tremendously. I’m itching to pull up my old worn out carpet and see the condition of my hardwood floor! fingers crossed. Thanks for the giveaway, their rugs are gorgeous!

  29. Thank you offering such a generous give away and an excuse to window shop such gorgeous rugs. I am moving in May and would love to bring a new rug into my new space. I pinned more than one and am following on Etsy.

  30. Followed and pinned – my bedroom is mainly black, grey and white, so one of those beautiful rugs would be a great pop of colour!

  31. Favourited, pinned .. now crossing fingers in expectation xx
    thank you for the opportunity!


  32. Followed on etsy and pinned several! Beautiful Textiles and so happy that you shared!

    Thank you!

  33. I am such a sucker for beautiful rugs, …and lighting..and steel windows..I’ll stop now. I followed & pinned one of my faces! Thank you!!!

  34. Love these! Love your blog – your photos make me drool.

    Favourited and pinned!! Fingers crossed now – wish me luck!

  35. I have followed and pinned, and am so in love with this Etsy site! Going to Morocco is such a big dream of mine. I love this website and your Insta page too!

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