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vessels and vases from light & ladder. / sfgirlbybay

1. vessels and vases from light & ladder.

this week’s new & noteworthy finds feels as thought i’ve been influenced by the simplicity and beauty of japanese design. clean lines, with a tactile sensibility — nothing too fussy, just great design and good functionality, or at the very least something really lovely to look at it.

a Limited edition art print by By Garmi you can find at the poster club. / sfgirlbybay

2. i love this drawing called STATIC — a Limited edition art print by By Garmi you can find at the poster club.

new and noteworthy home goods and accessories. / sfgirlbybay

3. i like the idea of a pouch attached to my key ring for coffee money — this is the Otaat/Myers Collective Small Black Ring Pouch from need supply; 4. such a clever ‘Not Lunch Box’ by Hender Scheme available at nalata / nalata; 5. i have this Cast Iron Incense Holder by Oigen Foundry Co. and everyone asks where i got it — at nalata / nalata; 6. love this GIANT FEEDING NET shopping tote from maison empereur, that cute shop in marseille i told you about in this week’s post about their secret apartment.


7. the block shop is nailing it with their latest collection of homewares, and i especially dig the new pillows.

new & noteworthy home decor items. / sfgirlbybay

8. uncertainty, a lovely limited edition linocut print from artist ellen von wiegand — be sure and check out her full collection; 9. mayumi yamashita ceramic bowls are such a wonderful mix and match collection; 10. love this elegant mirror inspired by Indian craftsmanship — it clings with a strip of recycled sari fabric, also from maison empereur.

noteworthy modern home decor items. / sfgirlbybay

11. designer Eric Trine’s Rod + Weave Chair isn’t really ‘brand new’ but it’s awfully amazing so it falls into the ‘noteworthy’ category — at poketo; 12. this a very cool Triangle Standing Mirror from urban outfitters; 13. and, one more — the cova vase from light & ladder.

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  1. Hi! Do you happen to know if Maison Empereur ships to the US? It doesn’t appear so from the site but there are so many things I need to buy from there!

    Also, I’d just like you to know that your site is amazing and my morning isn’t complete until I’ve checked to see what you’ve posted!


  2. thanks for posting your ‘French connection’ – loving the mirror with the vintage sari hanger – and I’m with Chandra (comments)… my morning’s not complete in Oz – until I’ve checked what you’ve posted …

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