finally, a grown up closet.
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california closets makeover. / sfgirlbybay

never in my life have i ever had a walk-in closet. but now i can at long last say i finally do. i think most of us would like the luxury and the practicality of actually being able to see the clothes you’d like to put on your back, and previous to this, i was working with a closet that was added on to the house and not in a good way — at all. it was dark and tiny, and i could never find anything and it made getting dressed kind of painful with the sea of black i wear (also, where the hell is that other shoe!?!). but with my remodel i partnered with california closets for a designer discount and it has made my world a much better place.

my walk-in closet makeover. / sfgirlbybaygrown up closet makeover with california closets. / sfgirlbybayin-closet jewelry organization. / sfgirlbybaywalk-in closet with milk glass pendant lamp. / sfgirlbybay

i worked with their in-house designer cara carrasco who came out to the house, measured, assessed my wardrobe and then sat down with me and her laptop to create the perfect closet for me. she was so quick, efficient and smart about the design that i felt instantly at ease and excited about the california closet we were creating. there are all kinds of details you can choose from like finishes, hardware, and drawers and she offered some great solutions for me. it took about 3-4 weeks for the installation date and then that was a real pleasure, too. rarely have i had such a positive experience when it came to delivery (i live up two very steep sets of outside staircases and hear a lot of grumbling) but the installation process was perfection, and the gentlemen so professional and nice.

scraf drawer in my walk-in closet. / sfgirlbybayin-clsoet accessory organization. / sfgirlbybayvintage bamboo clothing hangers. / sfgirlbybaywalk-in closet shoe storage. / sfgirlbybay

we added details like the two drawers (one for my scarf collection, and one for socks and undergarments), loads of shoe slots, and based on the kind of clothes i have, one section for long dresses and pants, and 4 sections for shorter pieces like tops, sweaters, and jackets. and then a ton of shelves for all my t-shirts and accessories. they even added this sweet little pull-put hanger which is quite handy for steaming my clothes before heading out.

west elm rod with s-hooks for accessory storage. / sfgirlbybaywalk-in closet design details. / sfgirlbybayblack glass door with white knob in walk-in closet. / sfgirlbybay

i added a few personal touches like the vintage bamboo hangers, accordion mirror in the window and all my jewelry boxes. and i added the milk glass pendant lamp from shades of light, a fun mixed media bikini print from artist dorothy shain, and for more accessories like purses, scarves and necklaces i added west elm’s Industrial Pipe Adjustable Rod. i couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out, and essentially just want to play dress up all day in here. thank you, california closets — it’s been a pleasure!

jewelry display in walk-in closet. / sfgirlbybay  fashion accessories on display in walk-in closet. / sfgirlbybay black and white bikini painting by dorothy shain. / sfgirlbybay clothing on display in my new walk-in closet. / sfgirlbybay

• all photos by lily glass for sfgirlbybay.

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  1. I can see why you are delighted with your closet, Victoria. It’s both lovely and practical. Plus, you have a wonderfully curated wardrobe, really beautiful clothes and accessories. Congratulations on a great collaboration with Cara and California Closets. Cheers, Ardith

  2. I put a rail with hooks one one wall of my closet as well. It’s turned out to be the most useful part of the closet system. Cheers to the simple joys of a grown-up closet!

  3. Hi Victoria, I’ve been a long time fan. Congratulations on your new closet. I’ve been thinking of doing California Closets, and was curious what the price range is from an actual client?
    Thanks, J

    • Hi Jeanette, thanks so much! I’m not 100% sure I could quote that because it has so many parameters (size, number of shelves, drawers etc). But I do think they will come out and give you a quote. I had asked my contractor about building them from scratch and with materials and labor it was quite costly (about $4K) so this was a much more unaffordable option for me.

  4. Wow. It looks fabulous. And practical. The best of both worlds.
    I keep trying to get my daughter to put her shoes on a shelf rather than in a pile next to the door. Sigh.
    My personal tactic, having no rooms left to turn into closets, and no closets either (France), is to just reduce my clothing stock. I wear the same stuff all the time anyway. Less is more.
    But it sure helps when you can find it easily!!!

  5. Oh, my! How amazing is this closet! My faves are the valet hook and the West Elm rod with S-hooks but honestly, it’s all really grand. Job well done Victoria and California Closets!! Our last closet was a black hole – it literally had no light source to speak of. Glad you now can see and there’s no frustration trying to find things.

  6. It must be such a pleasure to get dressed and to stow your things at the end of the day! Beautiful result and thank you for sharing!

  7. Lovely closet set-up and nicely decorated with the mirror and jewelry boxes. I used California Closets when I converted a small bedroom into a walk-in closet for myself and I couldn’t be happier. They really do a great job.

  8. This looks great–I especially how the shelves are a bit shallow so the space feels alot wider, along with the many shelves for just about everything.
    Just an observation: natural fibers tend to fade very easily when exposed to light.. A black-out shade to roll down over that lovely window when you leave your closet could help to prevent that from happening.

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