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carol mini print from heart beats club. / sfgirlbybay

1. loved this movie, so i need the carol mini print from heart beats club.

i may have gotten a little wacky with this round of new & noteworthy, but hey what’s life without a little frivolity now and then? not that any of these fine objets d’art don’t serve some urgent purpose or another? fluffy pink artwork, girls in trees, beach blankets — it’s all very important stuff. do read on.

new & noteworthy items. / sfgirlbybay

2. i find just the cover of taschen’s albert frey book divine, but i’d look inside, wouldn’t you? On a visit to Palm Springs, the architect fell under the desert spell and spent the rest of his career nurturing the consonance of architecture and nature; 3. pool party!!!! you need a beach towel if you’re going and this one will make a big splash; 4. what in the world, you may ask, would i do with a sweet ceramic green cone? well, you’d hang your baubles upon it, that’s what; 5. shaped a little bit like something from the deep blue sea, thus i give you the ‘Shelly’ Round Velvet Pillow. you’re welcome.

black and white spotted shopper from hansel from basel. / sfgirlbybay

6. i love me some hansel from basel, and back by popular demand — you couldn’t get enough of their black spotted shopper so here it is, in all its glory, with two new friends, cobalt, and fuchsia.

new & noteworthy accessories and decor. / sfgirlbybay

7. artist Leah Reena Goren’s quirky Bathers Art Print is just what we all need to remind ourselves it’s time to hit the beach, girlfriends!; 8. That’s right: women in trees — a book of vintage photographs discovered on flea market excursions alerted collector Jochen Raiss to this phenomenon, which was remarkably popular between the 1920s and 1950s yet never made into a book—until now. who knew?; 9. okay, maybe not wacky but necessary: this black tote was woven by hand in a small village of Orneta in Northeastern Poland, a region famous for crafting the highest quality string bags. so we need one; 10. put a pompom on it. well, if you do i’m likely to be a sucker for you, pretty pink Diya Spotted Fringe Pillow.

Mikkel Throw designed by Kristine Five Melvær. / sfgirlbybaywary meyers soap. / sfgirlbybay

11. wow, how i love the Mikkel Throw designed by Kristine Five Melvær. those pretty colors just speak for themselves and they say “wrap me up!”; 12. who wouldn’t love to take a bath with some pink champagne soap from that dynamic design duo, wary meyers? no one!.

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