you say it’s your birthday?
by victoria comment


just for fun sign on pink building. / sfgirlbybay

hey guys! it is indeed my birthday and i’m taking a personal day! every once in a while you gotta do that, right? but we’ll back on monday!! those of you who are mums, have a wonderful mother’s day and those of you that aren’t i hope you’re celebrating your mum! have a great weekend everyone! xo, victoria

12 responses to “you say it’s your birthday?”

  1. What a wonderful time of year to have and celebrate your birthday. Best wishes for a happy and memorable celebration, Victoria. Cheers, Ardith

  2. Good on you for taking the day off! Have a wonderful birthday (weekend)! Muchas felicidades from Barcelona xo

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, V!! Thank you so much for all the beauty and inspiration you bring. May the coming year bring peace and happiness and homebody enjoyment of your recent renovations.

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