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perhaps it’s that i was born, raised and lived in california my whole life, but i get a little weak in the knees when it comes to surf culture. i can’t help but take a gander at the driver of a car with surfboards on their roof, and the beach has always been my safe space, since my parents took us to the beach every weekend since i was just a baby. so when i saw nina freudenberger’s new book, Surf Shack: Laid-Back Living by the Water, i had to order it – stat! it did not disappoint, and in fact, it’s one of the prettiest design and decor books i’ve viewed in some time. there’s a uniqueness and authentic unstyled beauty to surf shack that i could really relate to and the photography is beautiful, as you’ll see in a few of these images from the book. it’s full of inspiring, eclectic homes and stories of the people who inhabit these very casual but modern surf shacks and as much as i love my home on the east of los angeles, it definitely gets me hankering for a beach house of my own one day.

photo from surf shack by nina freudenberger. / sfgirlbybay surf shack book by nina freudenberger. / sfgirlbybay good reads: surf shack by nina freudenberger. / sfgirlbybay surf shack by nina freudenberger. / sfgirlbybay nina freudenberger's book surf shack. / sfgirlbybay surf shack decor book nina freudenberger. / sfgirlbybay surf shack design book by nina freudenberger. / sfgirlbybay

• Reprinted from Surf Shack. Copyright © 2017 by Nina Freudenberger. Photographs copyright © 2017 by Brittany Ambridge. Published by Clarkson Potter/Publishers, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC.



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  1. Victoria, I’ve been loving all your warm, airy, natural, bohemian-inspired posts lately! It’s been inspiring to me as I redecorate and finish my home to help me cope with our gloomy Portland weather most of the year :)

      • Also, random question! I am about to pull the trigger on a low, rattan daybed instead of a loveseat, and while I’m sure this isn’t the most practical option for us, I can’t help it! . I’m sure it’s lovely to lay on or recline on with a book, but I was concerned it would be too deep and not supportive enough for sitting back. I saw you have one in your living room and was wondering how comfy it was for guest seating.Thanks! :)

  2. Love that dreamy blue rug. Wish there was a source for it. Maybe it was in a famous Hollywood actors house from the Golden Age.

  3. Got this book for my birthday and I can’t stop looking in it! The homes are so unique and inviting and the photography is amazing! All of that AND it’s well written and interesting. LOVE IT!

  4. Surf shack, … or houseboat! That’s been one of my fantasies! I actually lived in a house just a block from the beach in Oregon for a couple of years, not fancy, but delightful!

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