wear this there: nanan.
by Michaela d'Artois comment


this is quickly becoming a column about the world’s cutest pink restaurants — but hey, we don’t set the trends, we just indulge in them! nanan patisserie in wroclaw, poland is possibly the sweetest of them all, its interiors are inspired by an éclair, for goodness sakes! this blushing dream of a place, designed by buck.studio, is where i imagine one would go if in need a sugary pick me up. a pink denim jacket should be on everyone’s shopping list, as should be a festive pompom key chain. once arrived, kick off your ballet-hued mules, pop a treat in your mouth, and turn on an episode of our podcast of the moment — s town. there’s no harm in idling away an entire afternoon in a place like this!

~ michaela d’artois, vérité published.

wear this there: anthropologie willa tie-waist jumpsuit; zara pink denim jacket; mondo mondo center of the world perfume; raye chrissy mule; binu binu hibiscus cleansing balm; zara beaded pom pom key chain; listen to this there s-town podcast by this american life; need supply Vere Verto Deco Belt Bag; karen walker One Star sunglasses in Crystal Pink/Rose Gold; and j.crew Botanical embroidered earrings.

• photography courtesy of buck.studio.


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