best of: i have a thing for these mirrors.
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gold rimmed F.A.33 mirror on pale pink wall / sfgirlbybay

charlie forever.

every time i see one of these uniquely shaped mirrors i’m suddenly stopped dead in my tracks. there’s just something so striking, and so feminine about the curve and shape of their pretty brass frames. i did a bit of research on them and i believe they are called an F.A.33 mirror, originally designed by the legendary designer Gio Ponti in 1933 for prominent lamp and glass manufacturer FontanaArte. i’m not certain, but i think they were then made popular throughout the 1940-50’s because the mirrors i keep finding online are labeled as ‘mid-century modern 1950’s italian designed’ mirror.  i’ve also been seeing some similar, modern ones with a sleek, radius round corners, and those are quite lovely, too. i think the vintage version may be quite rare, because they are also quite pricey, so i’m going to keep my flea market eyes peeled for one of these pretties — i’d just love to own something so classically beautiful.

two mirrors vitnage italian mirrors via marie claire maison. / sfgirlbybay

these two mirrors have such stunning shapes, via marie claire maison.

1950's vintage italian mirrors / sfgirlbybay

pretty in pink framed mirror from 1st dibs; this one from Lamp and Co. on etsy is tempting me; and a couple beautiful 1950’s vintage mirrors from the apartment.

1950's italian mirroron pale pink wall and a mid-century modern teak framed version. / sfgirlbybay

1950’s italian mirror from the apartment; and a mid-century modern teak framed version.

retro bathroom mirrors / sfgirlbybay

a pair of bathroom mirrors, via xnet; radius corner mirror with a shelf, via the design files; and a 1950’s vintage mirror from the apartment.

extra large, radius corner mirror with large potted cactus via one hundred layer cake / sfgirlbybay

extra large, radius corner mirror via one hundred layer cake.

vintage mirrors with silver frames and little hangers, via inside closet. / sfgirlbybay

i love these vintage beauties with their little hangers, via inside closet.

designer vanessa alexander's white and black malibu bathroom with matching mirrors and moroccan rug via my domaine. / sfgirlbybay

designer vanessa alexander’s malibu bathroom, via my domaine.

vertical mirrors are hung from industrial hardware via The Shop Of The New, Copenhagen. / sfgirlbybay

i quite fancy the way these vertical mirrors are hung from industrial hardware, at The Shop Of The New, Copenhagen.

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  1. I love those mirrors too and fortunately I live in Berlin where those mirrors are still available in really good condition. I pay no more than 20€ for an original mirror from the 50s and I own 9 pieces now thay are all hanging on one wall in my livingroom. All fleamarket finds:-)

    Best regards,

  2. This designs are really awesome. After seeing this images i am really confused which mirror should i buy and which one i shouldn’t. I liked all the the designs.

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