my bathroom remodel reveal.
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my bathroom remodel with Kohler. / sfgirlbybay

at long last, i’m finally able to say the bathroom remodel is complete, and ready to share with you. i couldn’t be more excited about how it turned out, and honestly, i may be spending much more time than necessary primping and just luxuriating in here. so, to proceed — you may remember i partnered with Kohler for a makeover and shared the before a while back — the bathroom was tiny and narrow and now, well it’s silly-big, and i love it. i really encourage you to look at the before to appreciate the change! i was going for a relaxed, kind of coqui coqui vibe but with a bit of sophistication, so i started with the finish of my faucets: Kohler’s Artifacts faucet collection — which are a beautiful oil rubbed bronze with a rich black sheen to them. the finish of this dark Artifact collection was the perfect starting point and inspiration for the design of the bathroom, and pairs really beautifully with a gray and white color scheme.

bathroom remodel reveal featuring kohler. / sfgirlbybay

Kohler’s Artifacts faucet with black framed mirror. / sfgirlbybay

my bathroom makeover reveal with kohler. / sfgirlbybay

i knew i wanted Kohler beautiful black damask vanity and matching mirror for a dramatic, vintage-modern black and white look. so we then painted all the walls and trim Benjamin Moore’s oxford white and to match the vanity, we painted the bathroom door Benjamin Moore onyx black. the damask vanity is not only pretty but so functional, too. i was working with just a pedestal sink before, with nowhere to stash all my makeup and bathroom accouterment and now i have not only 6 drawers with cool dividers and organizers but under the sink, another roll-out drawer and electrical outlets — because maybe no one despises cords more than i do! i stash my electric toothbrush, blow dryer and flat iron under there and it’s a thing of beauty to not have to see those cords!  we used the serif drop-in sink with the Artifacts faucet with lever handles and sink spout with column design it couldn’t be prettier.

black vanity with Kohler’s Artifacts faucet. / sfgirlbybaywood drawers in black bathroom vanity. / sfgirlbybay my bathroom remodel reveal. / sfgirlbybayclé hex cement tiles in charcoal. / sfgirlbybay

for the floors i partnered with Clé tiles and chose their gorgeous hex cement tiles in charcoal with a light gray grout and they look so beautiful with Kohler’s insanely luxurious sunstruck freestanding bath. this may be the largest tub i’ve ever had and i chose the biggest picture window i could find to place right above it. it feels a bit like i’m bathing outdoors, and because the lot next to my house is empty and full of trees it’s completely private (save for the squirrels and bluejays) so bubble baths take on the feeling of a spa retreat, especially with the reclaimed wood caddy i added for candles (and naturally, a glass of wine). above the bath in the center of the room, i found a vintage Venetian glass pendant lamp on etsy in keeping with my coqui coqui vibe.

my kohler sunstruck freestanding bath. / sfgirlbybay sunstruck freestanding bath with artifacts collection faucet via kohler. / sfgirlbybayvintage Venetian glass pendant lamp via etsy. / sfgirlbybayblack and white bathroom with vintage Venetian glass pendant lamp. / sfgirlbybay

in the shower, we used these stunning Clé tiles’ zellige white weathered hex which is such a nice contrast to the black rubbed bronze Artifacts Hydrorail shower column. with this shower column my contractor didn’t have to go behind the wall to reconfigure the plumbing so we were able to save some of my budget and add a little built-in nook for my shampoo and soap and used pretty revel glass doors for a really open look — it too feels almost like an outdoor shower with the view of the trees outside!

shower with Clé tiles' zellige white weathered hex. / sfgirlbybay Clé tiles' zellige white weathered hex in shower with wood table. / sfgirlbybaymy bathroom remodel with Parachute bath towels. / sfgirlbybaySF_BathroomRemodel-39

i also designed this spacious storage alcove with an arched top — i wanted something unique and in fitting with the design — not just your basic cabinets and i thought the curved arched nook would be pretty. i’ve stocked it with a ton of the softest Parachute bath towels in mineral and white. looks so lovely, if i do say so myself! oh, and we designed the black cabinet with deep 36″ drawers that pull out. so handy!

SF_BathroomRemodel-17bathroom remodel reveal. / sfgirlbybay woven rope basket for hand towels. / sfgirlbybay

lastly, le toilette! i chose this pretty white pedestal based memoirs classic comfort toilet from Kohler and we created its own little privacy nook with a pony wall. we also added the Artifacts hotelier and towel bar to hang more pretty Parachute hand towels for guests, and i hung my favorite 34c print from permanent press editions. i’m still on the fence about some of the other artwork i’ve hung, but i’m always on the flea market hunt for just the right pieces so that may change. i may also add a tree of some kind in the corner, but for now, i like the simplicity of the room and bringing the outdoors in through the big glass window. i hope you like it as much as i do!

parachute home bath towels in black and white bathroom. / sfgirlbybay34c print from permanent press editions. / sfgirlbybay

remodel resources:

Kohler: all bathroom fixtures/vanity/sink/shower/bathtub + toilet.
Benjamin Moore: all paint, oxford white and oynx black.
Clé tile: zellige white weathered hex + hex cement tiles in charcoal.
Parachute: towels + bath rug in white and mineral.

• photography by lily glass for sfgirlbybay.

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47 responses to “my bathroom remodel reveal.”

  1. What a beautiful room, Victoria! Your design eye is impeccable. We recently renovated our master bath in our 1930’s house and used Kohler fixtures and I couldn’t be more pleased with them. Worth every penny. Enjoy your lovely new space!

  2. Wow, it turned out so beautiful!! That tub is amazing and I’m sure it will give you endless pleasure. I’m a long time reader of yours, and so appreciate the beauty and inspiration you share with us here. Have a wonderful day!!

  3. This looks seriously beautiful! I like the black, grey and white colour scheme and the dark chrome faucet is cool.
    I wouldn’t mind spending some time in that bathtub either. Reading a book and listening to some relaxing music after a long day :)

  4. The room is beautiful. I love the fixtures, tiles, space etc., but do you really need to clutter the counter with stuff, when you have so much storage?. It makes the room look too busy.

  5. Inspirational! This room came together beautifully! Did you use the shower floor hex tile on top of the shower curb where the glass door/wall rests? Or maybe it’s a coordinating tile?

  6. Absolutely gorgeous. Black/white combo is super elegant, and I love the vintage pieces. That glass lamp is perfection.

    Would love to know the source of the rectangular black tray on top of the sink/vanity. Would you mind sharing the source?

  7. The inside of the vanity is amazing!!! I love that the bottom drawer pulls out and the strip of concealed outlets…brilliant!
    I also love the floor tiles and the way you chose the same shape but a lighter, more delicate looking version for the shower.

  8. I yearn for a bath beneath a window. This is such a beautiful place to begin and end each day. Hope you set your alarm extra early so you can enjoy the experience.

  9. One of the best designed bathrooms I have ever seen. The use of space, the layout, the colour scheme – so very well thought through and in perfect harmony. I am not a fan of the hexagon tile but I like the overall result so much that this one element becomes completely irrelevant. Gorgeous!

  10. Love the space. Could you tell me if you have the small wall divide on the other side of the toilet as well, it looked like it in one of your photos? And also what is the dimensions of the room? thanks!

    • thanks pam! the ‘pony wall’ as they call it divides the vanity from the toilet, so if i understand your question, yes, it’s on the other side of the toilet. the room is about 10 x 12.

  11. Victoria- Love it! Gorgeous! When we had our remodel done many fixtures we chose were Kohler! By the way their customer service is amazing!!!! We had a part that needed replacement and they sent it at lightning speed at no cost. Our amazing design & build contractor Mallet Inc. (amazing!) made us a whole notebook with all the manuals and directions from every product installed in our house which has been hugely convenient and beneficial. Having the serial number on the ready made our contacting Kohler so easy, and the call took less than 5 minutes! That vanity is stunning as is everything in there! Beautiful Victoria!!!!

  12. This is so gorgeous Victoria! Love everything you did in here, all the fixtures and hardware look so elegant. I didn’t see a source for your shower stool or your bathtub wood tray, can you tell me where you found those? I want to get them stat!

  13. I love everything about your new bathroom! I am new to your blog and I am learning so much from you. My bathroom makeover will start next month: white Kohler fixtures are ordered and I’ve chosen brushed bronze for faucets, etc. I want to mix it up a bit and absolutely love the pendant light fixture you chose in your new bathroom remodel. I searched everywhere on Etsy. Can you tell me which vendor has it? Thanks so much!

  14. Absolutely stunning! Stepping into a bathroom like this would make me say “ahhhhh!” I love the shower tiles and I really appreciate the toilet in its own private corner and not next to the bath tub. If I ever get to remodel a bathroom, the toilet will be away from the tub! So, so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. Hi Victoria–is there a simple way to see all of your home interiors posted over the years, corralled in one spot? Maybe a tag you use, or somewhere on this site where they are stored? Would love to browse the images periodically for inspiration! Thank you.

    • Oh, just my house? That might be a little tough. They should be here in this category, but I don’t think I’ve specifically tagged them my house, but something I can going forward – and maybe I can have my assistant start retroactively tagging #sfgirlhouse. If you give us a week I can try and work on that. Thanks for the idea!

  16. I’m curious about your window. When you moved it, did it require any brick work to be redone on the outside? I really want to make my bathroom window smaller as well and wondering how to handle the outside repair.

    • My house isn’t brick – just wood so all it required was rebuilding the window framework and doing over the drywall. We did have to replace the aluminum siding on the outside of my house, which was a little challenging to match to the existing siding, but we found it.

  17. I love the earthy tones you’ve used. Just curious what do you do with brightly coloured toiletries? Do you re-pot them into less obtrusive bottles? I wan’t to go for a similar sort of colour scheme in my bathroom, but I’m afraid once I throw all my usual products in the shower the garish packaging will completely throw off the look I’m going for.

    • I’m kind of OCD about my products and thankfully many that I like also have great packaging! But with some things that don’t, I put them in vintage glass jars. My shampoo that I love (Kristen Ess from Target) is in a pretty pale peachy pink bottle. But all the other ugly / bright packaging I keep in drawers or under the bathroom cabinet. :)

  18. Alyssa, is the shower teak wood, if not mind if I ask what it’s made of? I too love everything about this!
    The set up is my bathroom almost exactly & we’re looking for a do over inspiration.
    Where you shower is is our tub/shower combo & looking to make it just a shower.
    You did an awesome job on the towel nook!
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Absolutely beautiful! Do you have any installation tips you can share on the Cle zellige tile? They look PERFECT – how did you do it?!??

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