on trend: bauhaus.
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blockshop textiles. / sfgirlbybay

sometimes i just start to notice images popping up on pinterest in a series of familiar shapes and lately it’s this bauhaus vibe i’ve been seeing. i went to an excellent bauhaus exhibit at LACMA of artist moholy-nagy and it reminded me how experimental the artists from this art movement were, and how much i love it. and then i began seeing its influences all over the place. from textiles designs by block shop, to tile floors to wrapping paper from accompany, and typefaces, too. i think bauhaus might be back on trend — although its certainly a classic, and for me it never went out of fashion. it’s definitely a favorite of mine.

bauhaus prints. / sfgirlbybaybauhaus inspired tile work. / sfgirlbybaybauhaus prints. / sfgirlbybay bowie in bauhaus inspired costume. / sfgirlbybaybauhaus inspired textiles. / sfgirlbybaybauhaus inspired art print. / sfgirlbybayblack and white bauhaus style inspiration. / sfgirlbybayblockshop textile scarf. / sfgirlbybayblack and white bauhaus inspired prints. / sfgirlbybayblockshop textiles showroom. / sfgirlbybay

•image credits in order of appearance: @blockshoptextiles; bauhaus; artist brian rea; Barcelona Print Wrapping Paper by the dharma door from accompany; cult / xxviii; Josef Muller-Brockmann’s Beethoven poster; block shop textiles’ ripple pillow; David Bowie costume, 1973, by Kansai Yamamoto; uh huh by tauba auerbach; block shop textiles’ temple scarf; quarter circle tiles by smink things; 8 by sawdust design; hable construction’s rise print from revitaliste; le Corbusier by Oat Creative; it’s a long story by artist sarah maxey; new artwork from @maraserene; bauhaus theater study from bagtazo; watching eye print by artist jennifer ament; @timothy evans; Martin Munkacsi, Greta Garbo on vacation, 1932 via flavorwire; pamplemousse scarf by block shop textiles; tiny’s matchbook cover via frank kelsey; magnet pillow by block shop textiles; @blockshoptextiles.




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  1. love this pop-art-ey, sort of somber elegance. and p.s., re: the open shelving? hello, earthquake zone? why don’t you start a trend with glassed in cabinets? or call for ideas on eq-proof designs for open shelving?

    • earthquakes did occur to me. ;) but having seen firsthand the damage they do, it’s not going to matter a whole lot more if they’re INSIDE the cupboard. but i like the idea earthquake safe! when the last big one hit my friend’s fridge flew away from the wall into the center of the kitchen and its contents went EVERYWHERE. what a mess.

  2. I am so excited to be visiting Germany in July and visiting Bauhaus Dessau – we are staying overnight in their residence and touring the museum as well as the master houses where Paul Klee and Vassily Kandinsky and Walter Gropius resided and Mies Van der Rohe (amongst others) designed!

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