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You don’t have to be a botanist to shop at the light filled Folia Collective on Lake Avenue in Pasadena. In fact, thumbs of every shade of green are welcome by shop-owner Danae and her husband Bill. Before I had even admitted my well-meaning but plant-killing record to them they shared their desire to equip any customer with the skills and confidence to care for their new green housemate. Each plant comes with a detailed care card and Danae encourages customers to send her direct messages on instagram if they run into any trouble. Folia Collective offers a beautiful range of greenery and curated gifts (as well as a large selection from one of our favorites Cindy Zell), and if that wasn’t enough, it’s situated right next door to one of our favorite treat shops, Float.

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  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful feature! We’re honored to see our little shop here, and in such gorgeous photos! Thanks again. xx

  2. I feel your pain Victoria. I too kill every plant I bring home. Even the air plant a friend bought me for Christmas died. Is there any hope for us? I’ve resorted to fauxs.

  3. Cece, the ZZ plant is one we commonly recommend for easy care. They can go a long time without water, and thrive in a variety of levels of light.

      • Try Miroja in Ballard or Plant Shop Seattle in the CD- they both have a great selection of indoor plants! You could also try Sky Nursery in Shoreline- my mom works there. :) We used to live in Seattle- say hi to the city for us. ;)

  4. I just started working in a botanical shop last week as a part time job outside of college and it makes me want to buy ever plant I see! Loved this post!! x

  5. I’ve been into this lovely shop several times! I have a black thumb, but for some reason the plants I purchased here are THRIVING. I think it starts with high quality, hardy plants, and then finding a good location for them. With one or two plants, it took me a couple tries but I ended up finding the perfect spots for them to grow. As a result, I now stop by with my pots so that I can find the right size plant for them! And, yes, Victoria, I love stopping by at Float for a little treat before heading home, too! I love that little arcade. . .

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