mantel inspiration for the summer season.
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mantel inspiration for the summer season. / sfgirlbybay

ah, what to do with a cozy fireplace mantel in the summertime? looks to me like light locations has some nice ideas for summer-izing what’s normally the warmest spot in the house. perhaps the addition of a vintage mirror painted white to reflect back the big blooming branches you add to your favorite tall vase. add a few more white ceramics and boom — your mantel now speaks summer in volumes. stack a few books with their pastel colored spines showing; add some birch logs where you’d normally place firewood and you’ve cooled off the room considerably. add some light colored prints to room in the form of pillows and throws, and maybe pull up the rugs — so nice to pad around barefoot in here now, isn’t it? summer, almost instantly.

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• photography courtesy of light locations.

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    • I’m sorry, Ruth – I don’t know. This is a location house from Light Locations, but you may be able to write and ask them. The link is in the post. Thanks!

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