smeg worthy.
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white smeg fridge. / sfgirlbybay

i’m still mad for the smeg — specifically this shiny bright white one. i think my kitchen must be worthy of a retro-inspired smeg fridge and so i’m saving up my pennies for the splurge. i realize some don’t think of the smeg fridge as practical, but as a woman currently living alone, i think the smeg is perfect for the single gal on the go — sleekly feminine and beautiful to look at, and let’s face it, when it comes to decor, i’m usually all about the aesthetics over practicality. in the meantime, i’m coveting my smeg electric kettle and blender and may get the smeg toaster, too! italian design at its finest!

white smeg toaster. / sfgirlbybay glass jars on shelves and white smeg fridge in modern kitchen. / sfgirlbybay vintage modern kitchen with white smeg fridge. / sfgirlbybaymodern black and white kitchen with smeg fridge. / sfgirlbybay white smeg fridge in minimalist kitchen. / sfgirlbybay white smeg fridge in small modern kitchen. / sfgirlbybay white smeg fridge. / sfgirlbybay white smeg fridge in kitchen. / sfgirlbybay white smeg fridge in minimalist modern kitchen. / sfgirlbybaysmeg fridge in white. / sfgirlbybay

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  1. Just FYI, I splurged on a cream Smeg toaster because I loveeee how it looks, but two years later it’s dead as a doornail, no longer under warranty, and apparently can’t be repaired, per Smeg customer service! (They don’t even make parts to repair it.) Nothing sadder than saving your pennies and then having the quality not live up to the pricetag :( Maybe the fridge is better-made!

    • I’ve heard that about the toasters, Eliza! Which is why I’m no longer in love with their fridges, they feel so cheap and plastic in person. It felt like a toy fridge. It’s totally adorable and stylish, but I don’t think it’s worth the price.

  2. I have a softspot for this fridge as well. But the toaster, the waterkettle and the dishwasher are definitely exploitative kitsch if you ask me. I think the fridge in Mjolk’s summerhouse is just the best.

  3. A few years ago I went to West Elm in Seattle right after they first opened. They had a Smeg in almost every color and I completely fell in love with them! Unfortunately their high price tag is out of my reach but I still love them. Great post, Victoria :)

    • yeah, but when i look at the price of other refrigerators, it’s not too different. it’s just that buying a Smeg would be so much more fun! ;)

  4. I bought a beautiful powder blue Smeg fridge about 6 years ago and it still going strong. I’ve 3 small kids and we eat at home a lot so that fridge gets a lot of action. It’s still perfect and makes me smile on the regular when I walk into my kitchen. Love it. Don’t regret the splurge one bit. I do remember the guy in the store where I bought it trying to talk me out of it at the time (it’s so impractical). Ignored him. Yay for me. Go for it gals.

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