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japanese dishware. / sfgirlbybay

1. JIA’s ceramic japanese steamer is the prettiest steamer in the land!

i am a huge fan of japanese design. the simplicity, practicality and just the utter beauty of products designed with a japanese aesthetic in mind make life just seem calmer. no fuss, no frills just well-designed pretty, but useful objects. so for this week’s new & noteworthy i’m sharing a few of my personal favorites — objects i own, and covetable ones on my bucket list. oh, and if you really want to get in the mood, designlovefest has a delicious recipe for poke bowls posted on her blog this week!

new and noteworthy japanese design. / sfgirlbybay

2. Tohaku Japanese Candle Set from analogue life — Candle Maker TAKAZAWA creates traditional Japanese candles (Warosoku) derived from plant-based raw materials. Established in 1892, the company is one of the oldest candle makers in Japan and the candles are made using the techniques and materials that have not changed since 16th century.

new & noteworthy japanese decor and products. / sfgirlbybay

3. the ultimate in lighting — a Floor Lamp designed in 1951 by Isamu Noguchi and available at vitra — handcrafted from traditional shoji paper by Japanese artisans. “The harshness of electricity is transformed through the magic of paper back to the light of our origin – the sun” — Noguchi; 4. this handmade Japanese cherry wood Tea Canister from beklina is so lovely and an ideal environment for storing loose tea and other dry food items; 5. turn your brown bag lunch into something exotic and interesting with urban outfitter’s pretty pink Bamboo All-In-1 Bento Lunch Box. make lunch fun again!

Coltellerie Berti Chef’s Knife from quitokeeto. / sfgirlbybay

6. like cooking and chopping — maybe making your own sashimi? Coltellerie Berti Chef’s Knife from quitokeeto is a beautiful example of an all-purpose chef’s knife for getting your food sliced paper thin and it’s so pretty, too.

japanese designed products. / sfgirlbybay

7. i love these washable ‘paper bags’ — Uashmama paper bags are very strong and can be used as flower pots, storage bags or bread bags; 8. This nendo ceramic tea set from cos consists of a modern rounded teapot and two cups, all with thick wooden lids for insulation. The lids can also be removed and even used as spinning tops; 9. Fill your home with MUJI’s textiles — all stylish, functional and of the highest of quality, you can have a perfectly coordinated bathroom and bedroom. MUJI’s towels are ultra soft and you can shuffle around in their cosy slippers — great for travel, too.

pastel pink mini fan. / sfgirlbybay

10. ceral magazine did a wonderful interview with muji’s art director kenya hara. he and his team take simple things, like a USB desk fan and make them look beautiful and simple. this low noise emission desk fan simply plugs into any USB port to deliver a cooling breeze whenever you are.

pastel pink stacking ceramic cups and bowls. / sfgirlbybay

11. why eat your soup and salads or even cereal in a boring old bowl when you can dine from Hand-thrown Kyoto porcelain bowls by Japanese ceramicist Sachie Hashimoto from koromiko? i can’t think of one good reason not to.

black and white japanese sake set. / sfgirlbybay

12. and last but not least, no home is complete without a japanese sake set. i love the soothing ritual of a traditional Japanese sake service and these simple ceramic sake cups and carafe do the tradition justice.

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  1. Love the (1) Poke bowl but could not find a link for it. Please let us know where we can get one. thanks

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