friday finds.
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apartment in milan with floral green wallpaper. / sfgirlbybay

happy weekend, everyone! it’s here at last and i for one am grateful — it’s been a really frantic week and i’m ready for some downtime. i’ve been doing a lot of summer reading so i’m looking forward to diving into the latest book i’m reading — the nix by Nathan Hill. if anyone would like to give me their book reco’s i’m all for it. and here’s a few from me — i’ve just read three fantastic books: The Fact of a Body: A Murder and a Memoir by Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich; A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles; and Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane. happy reading and on to my friday finds! xo, victoria

  1. this milan apartment’s dining room is so charming. i think the green floral wallpaper really warms up the very modern room. beautiful!
  2. i love the way the floor tile in this pretty restaurant keeps traveling — all the way up the wall. such a genius treatment.
  3. this is such a magical room. i’m not sure what it’s made of (maybe tile, too?) but i love the gothic feeling of this wall paired with the modern furniture piece.
  4. this is the beautiful bedroom of shiva rose, the actress-turned-blogger — she writes the local rose. one king’s lane has a wonderful tour of her pretty home.
  5. this little vanity nook is just such a sweet look and quite ingenious. i love how they’ve wallpapered inside to give it even more charm.
  6. i can’t put my finger on why i love this little bedroom nook so much, but i think it has a very wes anderson vibe, so that’s probably what’s making me swoon.
  7. don’t you just love this image? by photographer anja miemi, she says “The Woman Who Never Existed tells the story of a fictional character…an actress who only exists in front of an audience, when no one is looking she starts to disappear.” enchanting.

inspiring tilework. / sfgirlbybay inspiring mantle and wall decor. / sfgirlbybay bedroom of blogger, the local rose. / sfgirlbybay small wallpapered desk nook. / sfgirlbybay vintage poster framed above twin bed with floral pillows. / sfgirlbybay green floral inspiration. / sfgirlbybay

3 responses to “friday finds.”

  1. Wow, I just love the restaurant interior in the second image! The tile pattern is beautiful and I like the fun arrangement of the pendant lights.

  2. Reading is a pleasure that brings adventure, curiosity and knowledge to us from the written word. Pretty cool eh?!! Here are some recommendations from me in no particular order:
    Find A Way by Diane Nyad
    A must read about never giving up, chase your dreams and the power of tenacity.
    A female athlete that kicks ass!!!!
    Lab Girl by Hope Jahren
    NPR interview: An Homage To The Wonders Of All Things Green
    The Liars Club by Mary Karr (All book by Mary Karr)
    A wickedly funny account of an apocalyptic childhood
    Dropped Names by Frank Langella
    Easy reading great for travel or on the beach
    10% Happier by Dan Harris
    Transformation and journey of a skeptical journalist to the benefits of meditation

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