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friday finds. / sfgirlbybay

as i write this on thursday, i’ve had a particularly emotional morning, and honestly, i just need to see some inspiring things. today, lucy and i came upon a poor neighborhood pup who had been hit by a bus and killed and it was just heartbreaking. i tried to help and comfort the owners, the bus driver, the friends and neighbors who came to the scene, but as you can imagine we were all pretty devastated. the only thing that i can say is that dog, Moki, literally died jumping for joy — he leapt from the owner’s truck because he was excited to go visit a close friend. i just have to try and remember that’s how he went, full of that utter dog joy. i’m sorry to be so sad here today, but please hug your animals or your people extra tight for me and be safe. xo, victoria

  1. this is a genius room divider idea for creating separation and shelving in a space. open, functional and so lovely to look at (and through!).
  2. another really clever idea for storage, this time for the kitchen. it looks as though they’ve repurposed an old cabinet top as a floating shelf.
  3. this is just a very simple, but really pretty picture ledge. i like how it pops up unexpectedly in this hallway nook.
  4. another handy idea for a media shelf — and placed conveniently where you might lie down for a bit of reading.
  5. i’ve always loved this kind of japanese-feeling built-in kitchen shelf. it definitely looks practical, but very zen.
  6. i love shiva rose’s white open kitchen shelving, but i especially love how they’ve been styled. the color palette is lovely.
  7. this little nook desk makes me think i should have built-in a little desk in my floor to ceiling bookshelves. doh! why didn’t i think of this!?

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  1. Just heartbreaking Victoria. My beautiful girl Christi will be getting huge special hugs from her mum tonight, and as you said, you must try and remember that the poor pup died in a moment of happiness which is more than can be said for thousands of other animals, well done for being there for the owners, you’re a beautiful person (with super amazing interior (and exterior) design taste!) have a lovely weekend, love Jules D Brown, Wales, UK

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